Document Structure

This document contains the following information:

About Financial Management introduces the Financial Management features and provides an overview of tasks and dimensions.

Basic Financial Management Procedures provides an overview of basic Financial Management tasks.

Managing Data provides information on loading, extracting, copying, and clearing data.

Using Data Grids on the Web describes how to manually enter or edit data, and view calculation status, line item detail, and adjustments on the Web.

Consolidating Data describes how to consolidate data, calculate data, run translation logic, and enter currency rates and percent calculations.

Using Data Forms provides information on opening and viewing Data Forms, and entering and calculating data in them.

Managing Ownership describes how to enter, edit, and calculate ownership information.

Reporting on Financial Management Data describes how to define, view, and save reports.

Processing Intercompany Transactions describes how to load, extract, create, edit, post, unpost, delete, and process intercompany transactions.

Using Journals describes how to create, edit, view, sort, approve, post, and maintain journals.

Using Process Management describes how to use Process Management to manage a review and approval process and ensure data control.

Using E-mail Alerts describes how to use e-mail alerts for process control and intercompany transactions.

Using Task Automation describes how to create taskflows to automate and schedule routine Financial Management tasks.

Glossary contains a list of key terms and their definitions.

The Index contains a list of Financial Management terms and their page references.