Viewing Employee Scorecards

Scorecards are composed of measures for evaluating the performance of employees, strategy elements, or accountability teams by measuring specific tasks or completion of goals. You can build scorecards that use lower-level, child or descendant scorecards, which means that the performance of scorecards at lower corporate levels can be communicated in the scorecards of the levels above it.

Each item on a scorecard is weighted to reflect its relative importance to the score.


To view an employee scorecard:


Launch Scorecard. (See Launching the Scorecard Module.)


Expand Scorecards.

The expanded list displays all Performance Scorecard elements that you are authorized to view.

Note:   The Scorecard tab remains while the Performance Scorecard module is open, but the tab contents change as you select from the Scorecard Browser. One scorecard at a time is displayed on the tab.


Expand Employees to list all employee scorecards that you are authorized to view. The name and performance indicator for each employee is displayed in the View pane, and a Scorecard tab is added to the bottom of the Contents pane. The performance indicator reflects the status for the employee for the date and the default target.


Click a name to display the employee's scorecard and its associated measures in the Contents pane. Scorecard measures may be grouped by perspective, such as Internal Processes or Learning and Growth. The report provides this information about each scorecard measure:


Notes attached to the measure


Performance indicator for the current date and default target


Trend indicator (whether results are improving or declining)


Collected result value


Expected target value


Unit of measure


Current score and weight (as percentages)

The contents of this pane and the report columns may vary depending on customized settings made in Performance Scorecard.


Select these items on the scorecard to view additional information:











Performance Scorecard opens in a separate window, displaying the screen for the selected measure. From Performance Scorecard, you can view or modify information for the selected item. For details on working with scorecards and measures, see the Hyperion System 9 Performance Scorecard Application Designer's Guide.


Save your changes in Performance Scorecard.