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About Mapping Segmentation Metadata

Segmentation identifies a group of targets for applying a marketing treatment. Typically, targets are individuals, businesses, bank accounts, or households but they can be any dimensional entity in the database such as Opportunities or Assets. Use the marketing segmentation user interface to specify criteria that groups targets based on behavior patterns. The Segmentation Metadata specifies this criteria and is composed of the following entities:

  • Cache
  • Conforming dimensions
  • Qualified list items
  • Sampling factors
  • Saved Result Sets
  • Segmentation catalogs
  • Target levels

For instructions about how to create segmentation metadata, see Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide. When you have created the segmentation metadata, you must test the integrated environment.

If you customize your data warehouse with a new column and you want Siebel Marketing to access the new column, make sure that the column is exposed in all three layers of the BI repository. For more information, see Setting Up Marketing Segmentation Metadata.

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