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Installing and Configuring Disconnected Client

Operating System: Windows only.

This topic is part of Installing Individual Oracle BI Components.

You install the Oracle BI Disconnected Client on laptop computers. The Disconnected Client allows laptop users to access data and reports when not connected to the network-based Oracle Business Intelligence Server.

After the Disconnected Client installation, an online help file, Oracle Business Intelligence Disconnected Online Help, is available in OracleBI_HOME\server\Document\. See this online help for information about how laptop users typically use the Disconnected Client.

NOTE:  Do not confuse Oracle BI Disconnected Client installation with the enterprise (Oracle Business Intelligence Server) installation. See also the information on setting up Disconnected Client in Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide.

The process of installing or configuring Disconnected Analytics Client is described in the following topics:

Installation Restrictions for Disconnected Client

The Disconnected Client installation has the following restrictions:

  • Install the Disconnected Client before or after you have installed the other Oracle Business Intelligence components.
  • Install the Disconnected Client application components on a different machine from the machine that runs the Oracle Business Intelligence Server.
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