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Creating a WAR File for Oracle BI Presentation Services

NOTE:  Perform the procedure Editing the web.xml File before performing this procedure, because the edited web.xml file is included in the generated analytics.war file.

This task is part of Configuring HTTP Web Servers.

A default prepackaged WebARchive (WAR) file, analytics.war, is included with the Oracle BI Presentation Services installation, located as shown in the following table.

NOTE:  Oracle Business Intelligence also provides a prepackaged Enterprise ARchive (EAR) file, analytics.ear.

However, if you modify the web.xml file (for example, to reconfigure the Web server location and listening port), then you should recreate the analytics.war file. This task uses the jar utility included in the Java JDK 1.5 package (found in the <JAVA_HOME>/bin directory).

NOTE:  You may need to have access to a JDK (not just a JRE) for creating the WAR file. The location of JAVA_HOME is the same that was entered during the installation.

This procedure uses the following file locations and commands:

Windows Platform

Location of analytics.war file


Jar command

jar -cf analytics.war -C app .

To create or recreate a WAR file

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Business Intelligence installation directory shown in the preceding table.
  2. To create the WAR file, run the jar command shown in the preceding table.

    NOTE:  You must include the period at the end of the command.

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