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About iBot Support in Oracle BI Scheduler

When a user creates and schedules an iBot in Oracle BI Delivers, the Oracle BI Presentation Server gathers information about the iBot such as its priority, the intended recipients, and the devices to which content should be delivered. The Oracle BI Presentation Server packages this information and other characteristics into a job, and then informs Oracle BI Scheduler when to execute the job.

Although use of the Job Manager is not required for iBot jobs, you can use the Job Manager to further configure an iBot. This action requires that you first configure Oracle BI Scheduler. For information, see Configuration Dialog Box in Oracle BI Scheduler Job Manager.

For information about iBots, see the Oracle BI Delivers chapter in the Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Delivers, and Interactive Dashboards User Guide, or to the online help for Oracle BI Delivers.

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