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About Oracle BI Scheduler Schemas

The database schemas associated with Oracle BI Scheduler are located in the directory $INSTALLDIR\server\Schema\. This directory holds several SQL scripts that can be used by major commercial databases to create the tables in Oracle BI Scheduler's schema.

The schemas include four tables:

  • S_NQ_JOB, used to store information about scheduled jobs.
  • S_NQ_INSTANCE, used to store information about job instances.
  • S_NQ_JOB_PARAM, used to store information about job parameters.
  • S_NQ_ERR_MSG, used to store information about job instances that do not complete successfully.

The following are characteristics of Oracle BI Scheduler schema tables:

  • The contents of the schema tables are implementation-specific. For information about creating these tables, see the Oracle Business Intelligence Infrastructure Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Schemas store path and file names to job scripts, providing easy updates to several jobs if they share a script.
  • Oracle BI Scheduler tables are included in transactional (OLTP) databases of Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management applications. If you have version 7.7 or later of a Siebel CRM operational application installed, you do not need to install Oracle BI Scheduler tables.

NOTE:  Usage Tracking is where the system collects usage statistics on each logical query submitted to the server. If usage tracking is enabled in the configuration file NQSConfig.INI, which is installed in the in $INSTALLDIR\server \config directory, Oracle BI Scheduler also uses the S_NQ_ACCT table. This table is independent of Oracle BI Scheduler. When usage tracking is enabled, the Oracle BI Server generates Usage Tracking data files. A sample JavaScript is provided with the Oracle Business Intelligence installation, which extracts information from the Usage Tracking files and loads them to a table in the relational database. The S_NQ_ACCT table stores all the information regarding Accounting Data. For information about usage tracking, see the Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide.

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