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Triggering Workflow Tasks in Other Applications

Operational applications, such as Oracle's Siebel Enterprise family of applications, can be made to work with Oracle BI Delivers so that iBots can trigger workflow tasks in those applications.

When integrating iBots with application workflows, each row of an analytic query results set invokes a workflow. The row and other nondynamic properties are passed as a Property Set that is particular to each workflow. Using the Advanced tab of Delivers, you can configure the property set by manually typing in the name for a workflow and matching it with a column.

NOTE:  Some tasks may need to be performed in the operational application before iBots can trigger workflows on its behalf.

The process of configuring Delivers to launch workflows consists of the following tasks:

  1. Configure the operational application server for workflow application with Oracle Delivers.

    This configuration step depends on the operational application being deployed. In general, you created a named subsystem for Oracle Business Intelligence, add name these subsystem components to the HTTP services section of a configuration file.

  2. Configure the Workflow Triggers.

    Choose from one of the following methods.

  3. Create workflow triggers in the iBots.

    See the topics on using Oracle BI Delivers in the Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Delivers, and Interactive Dashboards User Guide.

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