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Modifying an Oracle BI Scheduler Job in the Job Manager

You can modify Oracle BI Scheduler jobs in the Job Manager using the following procedure.

NOTE:  If, while adding or modifying a job in the Job Manager, you enter a script in the Script field, Oracle BI Scheduler creates a file with an SCS extension in the path defined by this field. However, Oracle BI Scheduler's back-end database does not actually store the job scripts. In general, do not add or remove scripts from the $OracleBI\server\Scripts\Scheduler directory (where $OracleBI is the location in which the Oracle BI software is installed).

NOTE:  directory.

To modify an Oracle BI Scheduler job in the Job Manager

  1. In the Job Manager, select the job you want to modify.
  2. Select Jobs > Modify Job.
  3. In the Modify Job dialog box, change the job properties.

    For field descriptions, refer to General Oracle BI Scheduler Job Properties.

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