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Re-Running a Job Instance

You can re-run any type of job, including an iBot job that failed. When you re-run a failed iBot job, only the failed items will be delivered. For example, if there are 1,000 recipients of an iBot, but 200 of those recipients belonged to a group that does not have the proper report viewing permissions, the Administrator can correct the permission settings and then re-run the job. In this example, only the 200 users in the modified group would receive the iBot (the iBot would not be re-delivered to the other 800 users who successfully received the iBot).

To re-run a job instance

  1. Open the Oracle BI Server Administration Tool in Online mode.
  2. Choose Manage > Jobs from the toolbar.

    The Job Manager window appears.

  3. Navigate to the Instance list.
  4. Locate the job instance that you want to re-run.
  5. Right-click on the job instance and select Re-run Instance(s) Now.
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