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About Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager is a tool that lets you perform online and offline management of Presentation Catalogs. It should be installed on a secure machine accessible only to Oracle Business Intelligence administrators.

You can use Catalog Manager to:

  • Manage Presentation Catalog items (that is, folders, links, and objects [requests, filters, prompts, dashboards, and so on]). For example, you can rename and delete items, and move and copy items within and between Presentation Catalogs.
  • View and edit Presentation Catalog objects in Extensible Markup Language (XML).
  • Preview objects, such as requests and prompts.
  • Search for and replace Presentation Catalog text.
  • Search for Presentation Catalog items.
  • Create reports to display Presentation Catalog data.
  • Localize Presentation Catalog captions.
  • Upgrade Presentation Catalogs to new versions without losing any site-specific changes and enhancements.

NOTE:  Many of the operations that you can perform in Catalog Manager, can also be performed through the Manage BI Catalog activity in Oracle BI Presentation Services Administration. For more information, read Administering the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and Managing Oracle BI Presentation Services Security.

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