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Creating Reports to Display Presentation Catalog Data Using Catalog Manager

You can create reports to display Presentation Catalog data for the following object types:

  • Requests
  • Dashboards
  • Segments
  • Segment trees
  • List formats

You can either display the report on the screen or save it to a file.

To create a report displaying Presentation Catalog data

  1. In Catalog Manager, open the Presentation Catalog. If you want to create a report showing the SQL that is sent to Oracle BI Presentation Services for the object, you must open the Presentation Catalog in online mode.
  2. Choose Tools > Create Report.
  3. Specify the columns to appear in the report in the Columns in Report list. Use the left and right arrow buttons (< and >) to move the columns between the Available Columns list and the Columns in Report list, and the plus and minus buttons (+ and -) to set the order in which columns will appear in the report.
  4. To eliminate any rows that are exactly the same from the report, select the Distinct field.
  5. In the Output the following section, specify which folders you want to output data from — either from all shared folders or from a specific path.
  6. To save the report to a file, in the Save report to section, specify the pathname of the file as well as whether you want to overwrite the file or append the data to the file. (If the file does not already exist, it will be created.)
  7. Click OK.
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