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About Setting Oracle BI Presentation Services Privileges

Privileges are the actions that users have the right to perform in Oracle BI Presentation Services. They are managed by associating them with accounts, that is, individual users or Presentation Services groups. A specific account is either granted or denied a specific privilege. These associations are created in privilege assignment tables.

Like permissions, privileges are either explicitly set or inherited through group membership. Explicitly denying a privilege takes precedence over any granted, inherited privilege. For example, if a user is explicitly denied access to the privilege to edit column formulas in Answers, but is a member of a group that has inherited the privilege, the user cannot edit column formulas.

Unlike permissions, privileges are more commonly granted to the Everyone system Presentation Services group. This allows users access to common Oracle BI Presentation Services features and functions.

For a list of some Oracle BI Presentation Services privileges, read Default Oracle BI Presentation Services Privilege Assignments.

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