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Setting up and Using the Oracle BI Multiuser Development Environment

Oracle BI allows multiple developers to work on repository objects from the same repository during group development of Oracle BI applications. The following are examples of how you might use a multiuser development environment:

  • Multiple developers need to work concurrently on subsets of the metadata and then merge these subsets back into a master repository without their work conflicting with other developers. For example, after completing an implementation of data warehousing at a company, an administrator might want to deploy Oracle BI to other functional areas.
  • A single developer might manage all development. For simplicity and performance, this developer might want to use an Oracle BI multiuser development environment to maintain metadata code in smaller chunks instead of in a large repository.

In both examples, the administrator creates projects in the repository file in the Administration Tool, and then copies this repository file to a shared network directory. Developers can check out projects, make changes and then merge the changes into the master repository.

When developers check out projects, the Administration Tool automatically copies and overwrites files in the background. Therefore, it is important for the administrator to perform setup tasks and for the developers to perform checkout and checkin procedures carefully, paying close attention to the messages that appear.

NOTE:  To perform the tasks in this section, Oracle BI Administrators must understand the metadata creation process.

This section contains the following topics:

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