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Creating a New Oracle BI Repository File

Now that you have completed your planning and design tasks, you can create a repository. The first step in creating a repository is creating a repository file. Each time you save the repository, a dialog box asks if you want to check global consistency. You have the following options:

  • Yes. Checks global consistency and then saves the repository file.
  • No. Does not check global consistency and then saves the repository file.
  • Cancel. Does not check global consistency and does not save the repository file.

For more information, see Checking the Consistency of a Repository or a Business Model.

NOTE:  In offline editing, remember to save your repository from time to time. You can save a repository in offline mode even though the business models may be inconsistent.

To create a new repository file

  1. From the Administration Tool menu, select File > New or click the New button in the toolbar.
  2. Type a name for the repository.

    A RPD file extension will automatically be added if you do not explicitly specify it. The default location for all repositories is in the Repository subdirectory, located in the Oracle BI software installation folder (Oracle BI\server\Repository).

    The new repository is empty. The remaining steps in the repository setup process, as outlined in Roadmap for Planning and Setting Up an Oracle BI Repository, describe the steps you should follow to set up and populate repositories.

After Creating a Repository File

After you create a repository file in the Administration Tool, you can import tables into the Physical layer.

NOTE:  The typical order is to create the Physical layer first, the Business Model and Mapping layer next, and the Presentation layer last. However, you can work on each layer at any stage in creating a repository. You can set up security when you are ready to begin testing the repository.

For more information, refer to Creating and Administering the Physical Layer in an Oracle BI Repository.

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