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Loading Usage Tracking Tables with Log Files

It is strongly recommended that you load the Usage Tracking table using the Direct-Insert option. For those customers who have to load the Usage Tracking table from log files, Oracle BI provides the following sample JavaScript files located in the OracleBI\server\Scripts\Common subdirectory:

  • sblAcctLoaderMSSQL for SQL Server
  • sblAcctLoaderOCL.js for Oracle
  • sblAcctLoaderADO.js for other database servers like DB2

These JavaScript files need to be modified for your environment. Comments at the beginning of these files should be used as a guide.

Before extracting usage tracking log file data, you need to create a table to store the data. For more information, refer to Create Table Scripts for Usage Tracking Data.

NOTE:  UNIX installations cannot use these JavaScript files because UNIX operating systems typically do not support some of the advanced functionality used in these scripts. For UNIX installations, please ask your DBA to write scripts that will load your usage tracking log files.

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