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Process of Maintaining Translation Tables for Analytics

Analytics License: All licenses.

Operating Systems: All.

This process is part of Localizing Siebel Analytics Deployments.

The presentation layer of the Siebel Analytics Server Administration Tool supports multiple translations for any column name. When working with Siebel Answers or rendering a dashboard, English-speaking and French-speaking users see their local language strings in their reports. There are two kinds of application strings requiring translation in Siebel Analytics:

  • Metadata

    Metadata strings are Analytics-created objects in the Siebel Analytics repository such as Subject Area, Metrics, and Dimensions. If your deployment includes a Siebel Analytics CRM application, you need to perform further tasks for localization. See the Siebel Analytics Applications Installation and Administration Guide section on localization.

  • Web Catalog

    Web Catalog objects are end-user created objects such as Reports, Dashboards, and Pages. Translations for Web catalog strings are stored in the SiebelAnalytics.webcat file. For more information on accessing these strings and changing the translations, see Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

This process includes the following tasks for Stand-Alone deployments of Siebel Analytics:

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