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User Log Section Parameters in the Configuration File

The user log NQQuery.log is kept in the $INSTALLDIR\Log directory (together with the Install.log file and the NQServer.log file). It logs activity about queries when enabled for a user. Entries can be viewed using a text editor or the nQLogViewer executable.

For each log parameter, the following valid values apply:

Function Enabled
Function Disabled





For more information about the NQQuery.log file, see the chapter on administering the query environment in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.

NOTE:  The NQServer.log file logs activity automatically about the Siebel Analytics Server, including information about server startup failures and queries that result in time limits or row limits being exceeded when the Status Max Time or Status Max Rows option is set to Warn. The Install.log file logs activity automatically about installation activities. You can view these log files using a text editor such as Windows Notepad.


Specifies the size to which the NQQuery.log file is allowed to grow. The default size is 10 MB. When this limit is reached, the log file closes, the log file is renamed to NQQuery.log.old, and logging resumes to a newly created NQQuery.log file.

Example: USER_LOG_FILE_SIZE = 10 MB ;


Specifies the type of code page being used. The default is UTF8. Other values include any valid code page, such as ANSI, 1252, and so on. Enclose the value in double quotes.

Example: CODE_PAGE = "UTF8" ;

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