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Configuring the Siebel Analytics Server

After the Siebel Analytics installer is finished with the Analytics platform installation, there are a number of additional tasks you must complete in order to properly configure Siebel Analytics Siebel Analytics server components. The Roadmap for Configuring Siebel Analytics Platform lists the processes for configuring Siebel Analytics immediately after installation of the software.

NOTE:  This Roadmap assumes that the installation setup option chosen is Complete.

The number of postinstallation configuration tasks you must complete depends on the following factors:

  • The number and types of platforms you are using
  • The complexity of your network setup
  • The types of installation options you have chosen
  • Whether or not your deployment is localized

For example, if you are installing only the Siebel Analytics platform, you have fewer configuration tasks to perform than if you are installing Siebel Analytics to work with a Siebel Industry Application with a Siebel Relationship Management Warehouse, using several localized languages.

NOTE:  Almost all of the Siebel Analytics Server installation is through the Server Administration Tool. See the Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide or Siebel Analytics Server Administration Tool Online Help.

Siebel Analytics Platform Installation and Configuration Guide