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Scheduling a Siebel Delivers iBot

Use the Schedule tab to determine when the iBot runs, how often it runs, and when to discontinue running it.

iBots can execute based on a specified schedule. You can define a starting date and time for the iBot, a recurrence schedule, and an ending date.

You can also create a nonscheduled iBot. This is useful when you want to create an iBot that runs only as part of an iBot chain, or an iBot that is initiated by an external process.

NOTE:  The dates and times you specify are for use by the Siebel Delivers server (the Scheduler) in scheduling the iBot. If the machine where the Scheduler resides is located in a different time zone, the dates and times used are those in the Scheduler's time zone, and not your time zone. Consult your Siebel Analytics administrator for the time zone of the machine running the Scheduler.

For an overview of Siebel Delivers, see Overview of Siebel Delivers.

To create an iBot with no schedule

  • Click the Set Schedule option to remove the check mark.

To start the iBot now

  • Click the Start Immediately button.

To start the iBot at a specified date and time

  1. Enter the date in the Start Date box (or click the calendar to select a date).
  2. (Optional) Enter a starting time.

To execute the iBot multiple times within a day

  1. Click the Repeat every check box.
  2. Enter the interval between executions (in minutes), and the time to stop the repetition.
  3. In the Daily area in the Recurrence section, specify Every 1 Day(s).

To execute the iBot one time only

  • Click the Run once option.

    This is the default option.

To execute the iBot on a daily schedule

  • Specify the daily interval, such as every 3 days.

To execute the iBot on a weekly schedule

  1. Specify the weekly interval, such as every 1 week.
  2. Select the days of the week when the iBot should run, such as Monday through Friday.

To execute the iBot on a monthly schedule

  1. Specify either the day of the month or the day occurrence, such as the first Tuesday.
  2. Select the desired months.

To select an ending date

  • Enter a date, or select a date from the calendar.

    By default, no ending date is specified.

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