AquaLogic Interaction Upgrade Guide for 6.1 to 6.5 MP1 on Windows

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Oracle Environment Variables

This table describes the Oracle Environment variables that must be set when installing AquaLogic User Interaction products to UNIX or Windows instances of Oracle 9i or 10g.

Environment Variable Description Example Values
ORACLE_BASE Must be set to the root directory of your Oracle installation.
  • (UNIX) /opt/oracle
  • (Windows) C:\oracle
ORACLE_HOME Must be set to the home directory of your Oracle installation.
  • (UNIX) /opt/oracle/ora92
  • (Windows) C:\oracle\ora92
ORACLE_SID Must be set to the system ID (SID) of the portal database instance.
  • (Oracle 9i) PLUM
  • (Oracle 10g) PLUM10
Note: PLUM or PLUM10 are expected by the SQL scripts. If you set your SID to a value other than these example values, you must edit the SQL scripts to reflect this change.

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