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Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Overview of Collaboration

What is Collaboration

Overview of Collaboration Components

Overview of AquaLogic Interaction Components

Overview of Collaboration Security

Overview of Collaboration Projects

Overview of the Collaboration Browsing User Interface

Collaboration Portlets

Community Portlets

My Page Portlets

Collaboration Profile Portlet

Project Explorer

Application View

Advanced Collaboration Features

Overview of the Collaboration Administrative Objects and Tools

Collaboration Administrative Objects

Collaboration Activity Rights

Collaboration Administration Utility

Administering Collaboration

Default Administrator Groups

Working with the Collaboration Administration Utility

Accessing the Collaboration Administration Utility

Performing Diagnostic Tests

Configuring Miscellaneous Settings

Enforcing the Maximum Size of Projects

Enabling Personal Projects

Enabling Add to My Page

Enabling Portal Group Notifications

Hiding Unused Project Folders

Enabling WebDAV

Enabling WebEdit

Enabling Bulk Upload

Enabling Zip Download

Setting the Number of Document Versions

Restricting the Size of Single File Uploads

Restricting the Size of Discussion Messages

Enabling Custom Properties

Enabling RSS Feeds

Creating, Editing and Deleting Holidays

Setting Up Collaboration for Publishing

Configuring Groupware Servers

Testing Groupware Servers

Monitoring Notification Health

Working with the Search Server

Viewing Search Server Status

Rebuilding the Search Collection

Granting Portal Access to Collaboration

Changing the Owning Portal

Configuring Collaboration for Importing Files into the Knowledge Directory

Configuring Content Crawlers for Importing Files

Configuring Collaboration Document Properties

Setting Up Collaboration Logging

Setting Up Logging Utilities for Collaboration Logging

Configuring ALI Logging Spy to Display Collaboration Messages

Filter Settings and Debugging

Backing Up and Restoring Collaboration

Backing Up Collaboration

Restoring Collaboration

Configuring the Notification Service for Working with Experience Definitions

Working with Collaboration Security

Project Security

Project Roles

Access Levels

Access Level Permissions Matrix

Default Project Security Settings

Object-Level Security Settings

Object Properties

Default Document Owner Security

Setting Content Crawler Access to Folders

Assigning Moderators

Assigning Moderators to Folders

Assigning Moderators to Discussions

Activity Rights

Granting Activity Rights to Users

Managing Projects

Creating Projects

Managing Project Settings

Editing Project Properties

Providing Access to Projects

Adding Users to Projects

Changing Default Permissions for Roles

Removing Users From Projects

About Community Members

Selecting the Functional Areas for a Project

Managing the Project Application Overview

Project Overview Modules

Overview Layout

Using Project Explorer

Creating Project Folders

Moving Projects to Project Folders

Deleting Projects and Project Folders

Removing and Undeleting Projects from the Recycle Bin System Folder

Archiving and Restoring Projects

Archiving Projects

Restoring Projects from the Archived Project Folder

Working with Community Projects

Working with Project Templates

Creating Project Templates

Setting Project Template Base Dates

Defining Security for Project Templates

Exporting Projects

Integrating Collaboration

Integrating Collaboration and the Desktop

Overview of WebDAV Protocol

Configuring Web Folders

Adding Activity Rights

Using IIS with Web Folders

Making the Collaboration Office Tools Add-In Installer Available to End Users

Mapping Web Folders

Working with Web Folder Configuration File Settings

Configuring WebEdit

Using IIS with WebEdit

Working with WebEdit Configuration File Settings

Integrating Collaboration and Groupware

Performing Basic Groupware Integration Tasks

Enabling Groupware Integration

Setting Up User Accounts for Groupware Integration

Working With Auto-Synchronization

Limiting Attachment Size

Working with Groupware Integration Configuration File Settings

Integrating Collaboration and Instant Messaging

Enabling Instant Messaging Integration

Configuring Instant Messaging in config.xml

Setting Up the IM Handle Property

Integrating Collaboration and AquaLogic BPM

Integrating Collaboration and AquaLogic Pathways

Integrating Collaboration and AquaLogic Interaction Analytics

Configuring Microsoft Project Import

Configuring Email a Project

Performing a Basic Configuration

Example: Relaying Email to Collaboration


Configuring Sendmail

Working With Collaboration Email Errors


Troubleshooting Common Runtime Problems

Working with Configuration Files

Overview of Collaboration Configuration Files