AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator Installation and Upgrade Guide

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Upgrading Existing WCC Applications (2.1.x and earlier)

To migrate existing applications built with the Web Control Consumer 2.1.x or earlier, you must make minor code modifications. Upgrading from versions 2.2.x and above requires no changes to the existing code.

Even though 2.1.x is very similar to later versions, there are some differences that might require some changes to existing code.
  • Modify JavaScript code to run only once: In 2.1.x and earlier, JavaScript was executed only upon the first rendering of the page. Some applications may assume that inline code will be run only once; this code must be modified to run only once. (Many existing applications register for events upon the initial render; this code must be changed to prevent multiple registrations.) This can be done easily on the server, by including the code only if IsPostBack == false. This can also be done on the client a few ways, such as:
    		//run my code here...
    		var already_run = true;
  • Change ptrender setting: In 2.1.x, buttons did not submit a form in-page by default. The default behavior now is to submit the form in-page, which can be disabled by added a ptrender=false attribute to the button. If there are buttons relying on the default behavior of not performing an in-page refresh, these must be changed to include the ptrender=false attribute (including a ptrender=true attribute now has no effect).

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