AquaLogic .NET Application Accelerator Installation and Upgrade Guide

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Upgrading WSRP Producer 1.0 Installations

To upgrade an existing WSRP Producer 1.0 installation to use WSRP Producer 1.1 MP1, you must update the portlets.xml file to use the 1.1 MP1 wsrp-producer.xml file format.

In the 1.0 version of the WSRP Producer, portlet metadata was entered in the portlets.xml file located in the \bin subdirectory of the WSRP Producer web application. In the 1.1 MP1 version of the WSRP Producer, this file has been renamed wsrp-producer.xml and contains additional configuration settings that control the functionality of the WSRP Producer.

The 1.0 portlets.xml format is not forward compatible with the 1.1 MP1 WSRP Producer and must be upgraded to the 1.1 MP1 wsrp-producer.xml format. The required changes are summarized below.

  1. Change the portlets.xml file name to “wsrp-producer.xml”.
  2. Wrap the 1.0 root element <portlets> in the new root element <wsrp-producer>.
  3. Change the default namespace to
  4. Add a namespace declaration to the root element for the xml schema namespace using the “xs” prefix as follows: xmlns:xs=""
  5. Within each <portlet> element, make the following changes:
    1. Remove all <portlet-name> elements. This element is no longer used.
    2. If you have multiple <display-name> elements for a single portlet, remove all but one. Only a single <display-name> element is allowed for each portlet. If you included display name localization information in portlets.xml, it must be changed to the new format. For detailed instructions, see Localizing Portlet Metadata in the WSRP Development Guide included with the .NET Application Accelerator.
    3. Rename the <view-url> element to <url> and add the id attribute with the value “default”..
    4. In the <supports> element, make the following changes in each <portlet-mode> element:
      1. Add the child element <name> and set the text content as follows:
        • If portlet-mode was “View” use “wsrp:view” as the value of the <name> element.
        • If portlet-mode was “Edit” use “wsrp:edit” as the value of the <name> element.
        • If portlet-mode was “Preview” use “wsrp:preview” as the value of the <name> element.
      2. Add the child element <url> with a single idref attribute with the value “default”.
      For example, this entry in portlets.xml:
      becomes this entry in wsrp-producer.xml:
      	<url idref="default"/>
    5. In the <portlet-info> element, add a lang attribute with the appropriate locale (usually “en”) to the <title> and <short-title> elements.
    6. Rename the <portlet-preferences> element to <portlet-properties>. Rename each <preference> child element to <property> and add a type attribute with the value “xs:string”.
For more information on wsrp-producer.xml, see WSRP Producer Configuration Elements (wsrp-producer.xml) in the WSRP Development Guide. For a detailed schema reference, see the wsrp-producer.xsd file in the WSRP Producer bin directory.

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