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Welcome to AquaLogic Ensemble

How to Use This Book



Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Introduction to AquaLogic Ensemble

About Ensemble

The Ensemble Console



Audit and Analytics

The Ensemble Architecture

The AquaLogic Ensemble Console

About the Ensemble Console

Launching the AquaLogic Ensemble Console

AquaLogic Ensemble Console Roles

Configuring Administrators, Managers, and Auditors

Configuring Resource and Policy Set Owners

Proxy Resources

About Ensemble Resources

Registering a Resource

Advanced Resource Configuration

URL Rewriting and DNS


Proxy Authentication

Credential Mapping

The AquaLogic Interaction Login Token

Proxy Authentication

Authentication Levels

Configuring Authentication Levels

SSO Integration

Integrating with Computer Associates SiteMinder


Configuring Ensemble and SiteMinder

Integrating with Oracle COREid


Configuring Ensemble and COREid

Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory via SPNEGO

Configuring Microsoft Active Directory

Configuring the Ensemble Server

Verifying the Ensemble / SPNEGO Integration

SSO Logout

Credential Mapping

About Credential Mapping

Configuring Credential Mapping

Configuring Credential Mapping for HTML Forms

Configuring Credential Mapping with Basic Authentication

Authentication Field Sources

Policies and Rules

About Policies and Rules


Creating a New Policy

Configuring a Policy

Authentication Levels

Configuring Anonymous Access


Creating and Editing Rules

Published Rules

Experience Definitions

About Experience Definitions

Configuring Experience Definitions

Configuring Experience Rules

Creating and Editing Rules in the Rule Library

Published Rules

Rule Order

Login Resources and Interstitial Pages


About Pagelets

Registering a Pagelet

Adding a Pagelet to a Web Page

Configuring Pagelet Consumers

Configuring Pagelet Parameters and Transport Type

Passing Data with Pagelet Parameters

Configuring Parameters in the Ensemble Console

Setting Parameter Values in Pagelet Injection Code

Passing Data with the Pagelet Payload

Configuring Pagelet Parameter Transport Type

Accessing Pagelet Discovery for Developers


Enabling Audit

Generating Audit Reports

Auditing Access to Proxied Resources

Example SQL Queries

Schema Description

Auditing Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Ensemble Resources

Example SQL Queries

Schema Description

Auditing Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Ensemble Policies

Example SQL Queries

Schema Description


Configuring Ensemble for AquaLogic Analytics

Extending AquaLogic Ensemble

Custom Login Resources

About Login Resources

Communicating With Ensemble

Ensemble Adaptive Tags