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Creating and Managing Campaigns

When you are ready to create your campaign, you have the following choices:

  • Create a campaign from existing content. You can browse the content in the library and choose a template as the basis for your campaign. The library includes templates with graphical elements as well as individual images. For more information, see Creating and Editing Campaigns.
  • Create a campaign from a new template. You can design a new template and then use it in your campaign. You can publish the template to an ESN so that other campaign managers can access it for future email campaigns. For information on creating a template for use in campaigns, see Creating and Managing Templates.
  • Create a campaign directly in the HTML Editor. You can also send a campaign, without using or creating a template, by inserting an image or typing text in the HTML Editor.

For more information on the steps required to create and manage your campaign, see the following:

Creating and Editing Campaigns

Viewing Campaigns

Testing a Campaign

Sending a Campaign

Creating and Managing Templates

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