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Managing the Sales Campaigns Library

You can access templates and images created and published by other users in the library by selecting an Enterprise Social Network. You can also create and store templates and images in your workspace library and access them by selecting My Workspace. The stored items are then easily accessible for you to include in templates and campaigns. For more information on Enterprise Social Networks and your workspace, see Getting Started with Oracle CRM Sales Campaigns On Demand.

Note: Images must be uploaded to the library before they can be used in a template or campaign.

A sales campaign library can include:

  • Templates. Templates are HTML documents that you can use as a basis for your campaign emails. When you create a campaign email, you can insert a template, and then use the HTML Editor to modify the template as necessary. A template has no recipients. You cannot send or test it until it has been inserted in a campaign.
  • Images. Images are graphics in GIF, JPG (RGB color model only), or PNG format that you can include in your campaign emails.

For more information on the library, see:

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Reviewing and Adding Comments

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