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Searching for Products

This search returns a list of potential sales prospects based on a product search. You can do one of the following:

  • Enter the name of the product, or part of the product name, in the Search text field.

    Sales Prospector recommends the customers to whom you can sell that particular product.

  • Leave the Search field blank.

    Sales Prospector recommends a list of products and sales prospects.

Sales Prospector searches for the sequence of characters you enter in the text field and is case-insensitive. For example, if you enter 'ORA' as the search criterion, it returns results such as 'Oracle Databases' or 'Moran Manufacturing'.

To search for a product

  1. Adjust the Projected Revenue and Purchase Probability, if necessary.

    NOTE: For more information about filtering prospects, see Filtering Prospects.

  2. From the Search menu, select Product.
  3. Enter the product name in the Search text field.

    NOTE: If you select Product from the Search menu, the Search menu field is a required field. If you do not want to enter a product name in the Search menu field, you need to select All from the Search menu.

  4. Click Search.
    Sales Prospector displays a list of products.

    NOTE: The list of products is displayed in alphabetical order. If you enter a product name in the Search text field, Sales Prospector displays the list of products that are the closest matches to your search criteria.

  5. Select the product that you want from the search results.

    Sales Prospector plots the potential customers for that product on the graph with customer information, likely references, and so on.

Published August 2008