This appendix provides examples of the file mappings for customer records, product records, order records, order line records, and target custom by user records. It includes the following topics:

Each record type in a CSV file for Oracle Sales Prospector has specific, required fields, and a required file format. In the CSV file, each column is separated using a comma, and each record starts on a new line. If there is a comma in the string, then having a double quote around the string is mandatory; otherwise, double quotes are optional. The encoding of the CSV file must use the UTF-8 character set. For information on the data requirements in the CSV file, see Requirements for Importing Data.

NOTE:  You can assign any file name to a CSV file. However, the file extension must be .csv (for example, MyCSVFile.csv). The file names presented in the following tables are examples (for example, CUSTOMERS.csv). Oracle Sales Prospector determines the file's content type from the first record in the CSV file.

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