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Deleting Records from a Table

You can delete all records that you have imported from the database tables for your enterprise space (for example, PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS, and so on). For Social CRM Applications, an enterprise space corresponds to a business or company.

For each attempt to delete the records, Oracle Sales Prospector sends you an email indicating success or failure, with a log file attached.

To delete records from a table

  1. Log in to Oracle's page as a registered data manager.
  2. Select Oracle Sales Prospector.
  3. Click Manage Data at the top of Oracle Sales Prospector.
  4. In the Manage Data window, click Clear Prospector Data to delete the previously imported data from the Oracle Sales Prospector database tables (CUSTOMERS, PRODUCTS, MEMBER_CUSTOMERS, and ORDER_LINES) for your enterprise space.
  5. Click Yes in the dialog box at the prompt to continue.

    Oracle Sales Prospector deletes all the previously imported data for the enterprise space.

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