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About Oracle Sales Prospector

Use Oracle Sales Prospector to identify potential sales prospects and analyze the purchasing patterns of your customers. Oracle Sales Prospector identifies potential opportunities by locating gaps in your customers' purchasing patterns. Ordinarily, preparing for a sale is time consuming because it is challenging to have a broad understanding of each customer's demographic profile and financial strength. Oracle Sales Prospector bases its sales recommendations on the purchasing histories of your customers, and the sales history of each product.

You can use Oracle Sales Prospector to:

  • Understand a customer's demographic, financial, and commercial profile
  • Understand a customer's buying patterns
  • Consider the sales recommendations that it generates based on the probability of purchase and the purchase history
  • Select a time frame for sales to close and potential estimated revenue
  • Select references for potential sales

When you locate a customer, Oracle Sales Prospector displays the customer's existing products and previous recommendations and quotations. For more information about using Oracle Sales Prospector, see the online help that is provided with Oracle Sales Prospector.

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