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Activating Your Account

When your Oracle Sales Prospector administrative account is ready to be activated, you receive an account activation email containing your user name, a temporary password, and a link to the account activation page. You must activate your administrative account to log in and administer your subscribed applications. You must activate your account within 72 hours of receiving the email.

NOTE:  After 72 hours, the invitation to activate your account expires. If you try to access the account activation page, you are prompted to receive a new account activation email.

To activate your account

  1. From the account activation email that you receive from Oracle Customer Care, click the link to activate your account.
  2. Click the Terms of Use link, and read the terms and conditions of use.
  3. Select the check box to confirm that you agree with, and understand the terms of use.

    You must accept the terms before you can enter your account details.

  4. Enter the Username and temporary password from the email that you received.

    If you make three unsuccessful attempts to enter the user name and temporary password, your account becomes locked, and you cannot continue. You are then prompted to receive a new account activation email.

  5. In the New Password field, enter a password that meets the following requirements:
    • The password length is a minimum of eight characters.
    • The password contains at least one uppercase character, at least one lowercase character, and at least one numeric or special character.
    • The password is not based on a common word.
  6. Enter the same password in the Verify Password field.
  7. Click Submit.

    After you click Submit, the Login page appears, where you can log in to Oracle Sales Prospector. You also receive an email confirming that your account has been activated successfully.

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