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About Accessing Customers

As a data manager, you can restrict users to access only their customers (customer accounts) and orders. Sales representatives typically access their assigned customers and associated orders. However, if more than one representative is working with the customer, the sales representatives also require access. By restricting access to customer accounts to the rightful users, you make sure that only authorized representatives can access and analyze customer accounts.

You can set up a sales representative's access to a customer by designating the representative as an owner of the customer account through the OWNER_NAME field in the CUSTOMERS file, see CSV File Mapping for Customer Records.

You can set up access for additional users, (for example, members of a sales team) by mapping their email addresses to the customer identifier in the MEMBER_CUSTOMERS file. For more information on file mapping, see File Mapping for Target Customers by User Records.

You import the CUSTOMERS and MEMBER_CUSTOMERS files as part of the import process in Managing Data Files Using the Oracle Sales Prospector Administration Interface.

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