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CSV Data File Format

To build an appropriate data mining model based on your customer data, you must import the customer data into the Oracle Sales Prospector database. The CSV file that you upload and import into Oracle Sales Prospector is a fixed format file. Table 3 contains a list of the record types that you can import into the Oracle Sales Prospector database.

Table 3. Oracle Sales Prospector Import Record Types
Record Types


This is the list of customer accounts.


This is the list of the products available for sale.


This is the order header information required to identify an order.

Order Lines

This is the order detail information, including the products ordered, the product quantity, the product price, and a reference to the lead date (the date when the lead that results in this order line was originally recorded or received).

Target Customers By User

This is the list of sales representatives and the customer accounts to which the sales representatives are assigned. This list is used to specify the customer accounts that are targeted by each sales representative or user.

NOTE:  Do not include any row identifiers (IDs) in the CSV files.

For information on the CSV file formats and specifications, see File Mapping for Records.

You can import the CSV files to Oracle Sales Prospector in any order. For Oracle Sales Prospector to make predictions, you must, at a minimum, import data for the following record types:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Order lines

Until you import the target customers by user data (user-to-customer account mappings), Oracle Sales Prospector displays only the predictions for customers owned by the sales representative (where the sales representative's email address matches the OWNER_EMAIL field on a customer record).

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