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Requirements for Importing Data

When Oracle Sales Prospector imports your data, it parses your input files to validate your data for the required file format. If Oracle Sales Prospector detects an error with the format, the import fails.

Before you try to import your data, check your data for the following items:

  • First record (or row) in the CSV file. Oracle Sales Prospector uses the first record in the CSV file to determine the file type. The first record in each of your CSV files must match the first line in the corresponding table in File Mapping for Records for a successful import. For example, for a customer record file, you require the following first line:


  • Remaining records in the file. Each of the remaining records in the file (after the first record) must contain the same number of fields as the first record for a successful import.
  • Using quotation marks to handle commas. To prevent Oracle Sales Prospector from interpreting a comma in string data as a marker for a new field, you must enclose the string in double quotation marks, as in the following example:

    "Oracle Corp, Inc."

    Make sure that you do not have mismatched quotation marks, as in the following example:

    "Oracle Corp", Inc."

    If your string data includes a double quotation mark, you must enclose the entire string value in double quotation marks, and represent the double quotation mark using two double quotation marks. For example, represent the string ...,12" Pizza as:

    ...,"12"" Pizza",...

    Apart from these considerations, the fields can contain single, or double quotation marks as part of the string.

  • Identifier fields. Data in the external identifier fields (PRODUCT_ID, ORDER_ID, CUSTOMER_ID, and ORDER_LINE_ID) cannot exceed 30 characters.
  • Date fields. The Date fields must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD where: Y, M and D are digits.
    • YYYY (year) must have a value greater than 1900
    • MM (month) must have a value from 1 to 12
    • DD (day) must be valid for the given month and year

      To set the default date format correctly on your computer, see Changing the Date Format on Your Computer.

  • Time Zone. The time zone in your CSV file must be set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Numeric fields. Verify that all numeric data is within the range for the field as specified in the tables in File Mapping for Records, otherwise, the data import fails.
  • String encoding. Oracle Sales Prospector accepts CSV files encoded using the UTF-8 character set.
  • File size. The maximum size for a data file that you can import into Oracle Sales Prospector is 30 MB. If your data file exceeds this size limit, you receive a file validation error message when you attempt to import the file.
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