Java API

Java API is available in embedded and three-tier deployments. Both provide a 100% Java implementation. With a complete Java solution, platform independence is achieved.

Embedded Java API is provided through .jar files and related property files that a Java API client can embed within their application. Java API clients communicate to Essbase through Java API.No installer is required, and no middle-tier server, such as Provider Services, is required to service Java API client requests. However, Java API can be embedded in a Java client application in a two-tier solution or in Hyperion products, such as Offline Planning, for the middle-tier application of a three-tier solution.High availability and clustering is not available with embedded Java APIs. You must use Java API with Provider Services to enable high availability and clustering.

You can switch from embedded Java API to three-tier mode. Through Java API, products such as Web Analysis and Production Reporting can use the high-availability features of Provider Services. The URL for connecting Provider Services to Java API clients: http://server_name:port/aps/JAPI.

You can embed Java API in the middle tier of an application: