About the Oracle Crystal Ball Developer Kit

Welcome to the Developer Kit for Oracle Crystal Ball, Fusion Edition.

Using the Crystal Ball Developer Kit, you can automate and control Crystal Ball simulations from within a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program. This opens up a whole range of possibilities:

The Developer Kit provides a link between Crystal Ball and your application. It consists of a library of macro calls (subroutines and functions) that control many aspects of Crystal Ball. Each copy of Crystal Ball comes enabled to use the Developer Kit, so that programs you develop today can be run by other users as well.

This kit is the key that unlocks the programmability of Crystal Ball and guides you through the many calls available. In addition to the descriptions of the calls, or subroutines and functions, this manual contains examples that illustrate usage of the Developer Kit in several practical applications. You are encouraged to study these examples before starting out on your own applications. Should you need additional help, technical support is available with appropriate licenses.

If you have Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer, Fusion Edition, Using the OptQuest Developer Kit, describes how to automate OptQuest optimizations.

See Using the Predictor Developer Kit, for information about automating and controlling Predictor forecasting.


The Predictor Developer Kit described in this Developer's Guide is completely rewritten. Code written for CB Predictor in Crystal Ball versions earlier than is not compatible with the current version of Predictor or this Predictor Developer Kit.