Creating, Upgrading, and Deleting OLAP Metadata Catalogs

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About OLAP Metadata Catalogs

Creating or Upgrading OLAP Metadata Catalogs

Mapping OLAP Metadata Catalogs

Deleting OLAP Metadata Catalogs

Before you run Integration Services, you must create an OLAP Metadata Catalog to store the OLAP models that you create and the metaoutlines that you build from the OLAP models.


If you intend to use the Sample application to acquaint yourself with Integration Services, skip to Setting Up the Sample Applications. The Sample application has its own relational data source, OLAP Metadata Catalog, OLAP model, and metaoutline. Return to this chapter when you are ready to use a relational data source to build OLAP models and metaoutlines. It is recommended that you use the automatic installation process to install the Sample applications. See Setting Up the Standard Sample Application Automatically.

This chapter tells you what to consider before you create an OLAP Metadata Catalog in a relational database. You can create the catalog either automatically, through the use of Integration Services Console, or manually. You can also manually create a Unicode-enabled OLAP Metadata Catalog. For manual creation of an OLAP Metadata Catalog, this chapter lists the SQL scripts that you must run to create tables for the catalog. The procedures in this chapter assume that you know how to create tables by running SQL scripts.