Summary List of Services and Processes

The following EPM System product services and processes are listed below in their recommended startup order.

  1. Databases for repositories.

  2. Any corporate user directories that you plan to configure for use with Shared Services.

  3. Shared Services OpenLDAP, or Oracle Internet Directory, depending on which is used as Shared Services Native Directory.

  4. Shared Services application server

  5. Oracle Hyperion Remote Authentication Module

  6. EPM Workspace Agent (CMC Agent)

  7. EPM Workspace Web server

  8. Performance Management Architect Services

  9. Essbase Server

  10. Administration Services application server

  11. Smart Search Command Line Utility application server

  12. Integration Services Server

  13. Essbase Studio Server

  14. Provider Services application server

  15. Reporting and Analysis (in any order):

    1. Financial Reporting Services

    2. Web Analysis application server

  16. Remaining services or processes (in any order):

    • Performance Management Architect application server

    • Performance Management Architect Data Synchronizer application server

    • Financial Reporting application server

    • Calculation Manager application server

    • Planning application server

    • Financial Management service

    • Strategic Finance service

    • Performance Scorecard application server

    • Performance Scorecard Alerter application server

    • Profitability and Cost Management application server

    • Data Relationship Management services

    • FDM Task Manager service

    • Hyperion ERPI - Web Application

  17. EPM Workspace application server