Essbase API Overview

Oracle Essbase provides a business performance management solution that satisfies the complex calculation requirements of end-user analysts across the enterprise in various departments, including finance, accounting, and marketing. Essbase operates in a client-server computing environment on a local area network (LAN), enabling multiple users to retrieve and analyze centralized data.

Essbase client tools provide access to centralized data through a variety of interfaces, including:

The Essbase API provides a range of powerful and sophisticated features, including:

The API is an interface between your custom client program and the Essbase and manages the transfer of data between client and server. Your program makes calls to functions within the API, and data is returned from the Essbase servers you connect to.

You can also run custom programs on the server machine, using the same API functions as on the client. You don't have to be concerned about where the Essbase Server computer is located on the network when writing a custom API program. Locating the server and transferring data is handled by the API.

Before you write programs for the API, use this document to become familiar with some of the concepts and conventions it uses.

The API functionality is contained in header files you include in the source code of your program and a set of libraries that you link to your program.