Logging In to Essbase from Visual Explorer

To use Visual Explorer, you first must log in to an Essbase Server (see Logging In to Essbase).

If you are logged in to an Essbase Server from Excel, the connection information associated with the active Excel worksheet is automatically transferred to Visual Explorer. You do not need to log in again.

If you are not logged in to an Essbase Server from Excel, you can connect to Essbase from Visual Explorer.

*  To log in to an Essbase Server from Visual Explorer:

  1. In Visual Explorer, select Data, and then Connect to Data Source.

  2. In Server, select the server to access, or enter the server name.

  3. Enter your user name.

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Click OK.

    When your server connection is complete, a list of available application and database pairs displays in the Application/Database list.

  6. In Application/Database, select the application and database pair to connect to, and click OK.

    If the application is not running, Essbase automatically starts it. There may be a brief pause as the application loads; the time required to start an application depends on the size and number of databases contained within the application and the size of their indexes.


    See the online help that is accessed from the Help menu in Visual Explorer.

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