Connecting to Multiple Databases

Essbase supports simultaneous access to multiple databases. The databases can be in different applications and can be stored on other servers. You can also open multiple worksheets, each of which can be connected to another database. An individual worksheet can access only one database at a time. Its connection can be switched between databases with the Connect command.


If you rename a worksheet, verify the database connection by selecting Essbase, then Disconnect, and viewing the connection information in the Essbase Disconnect dialog box. If the connection information is not what you expect for the renamed worksheet, disconnect the worksheet from the application and reconnect using the Essbase Connect command.

Depending on the status of production applications at your site, you may not have access to additional applications or databases. Contact the Essbase System Administrator if you need access to other applications.

*  To connect to multiple databases:

  1. Select Essbase, and then Connect to open Essbase System Login.

  2. In Server, select the server to access or enter the name of the server.

  3. Enter your user name.

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Click OK.

    When your server connection is complete, a list of available application and database pairs displays in the Application/Database list.

  6. Select an application and database pair and click OK.

    If the application is not running, Essbase automatically starts it. There may be a brief pause as the application loads; the time required to start an application depends on the size and number of databases contained within the application and the size of their indexes.

  7. Open a worksheet and repeat the steps to connect to additional databases.

    You can access one database at a time per worksheet.

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