Overview of the Object Model

The components documented in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition Web Developer's Guide are designed for use by ASP programmers and programmers of scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and so on. The following table summarizes the available type libraries and components, and the diagrams in Sequence Diagrams of Object Model illustrate the dependencies of the object model’s components.

Table 1. Summary of Components

Type Library




The HFMwManageApplications component works with applications and user information. Following are examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Set and get user logon information.

  • Get names of applications and registered clusters.

  • Work with system errors.

HFMwApplications Type Library


The HFMwSession component represents a user’s connection to an application. Following are examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Get and set user preferences.

  • Get the name of the current application.

  • Obtain HFMwMetadata and HsvResourceManager object references.

HFMwSession Type Library


Includes the HFMwMetadata and HFMwDimension components, as well as components for each of the Financial Management dimensions and for currencies. Use these components to obtain metadata information for the various dimensions.

HFMwMetadata Type Library


Includes the HFMwData, HFMwManageProcess, and HFMwCalculate components.

The HFMwData component provides access to application data. Following are examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Get and set line item details.

  • Return input periods for a scenario.

The HFMwManageProcess components exposes Financial Management’s process management functionality.

The HFMwCalculate component provides methods for executing consolidations, translations, calculations, and allocations.

HFMwData Type Library


Includes the HFMwMbrSel and HFMwMbrSelDim components. Following are examples of the functionality these components expose:

  • Store Points of View in memory.

  • Persist Points of View past a Financial Management session.

HFMwMbrSel Type Library


The HFMwDataGrid component provides a data grid interface. Following are a few examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Define and save grids using XML strings.

  • Get and set data in grid cells.

  • Save cells in the grid to the database.

  • Return column and row header information.

  • Return a cell’s process management information.

HFMwDataGrid Type Library


Includes the HFMwManageDocuments and HFMwWorkspace components.

The HFMwManageDocuments component exposes Financial Management’s document repository. Following are examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Works with documents such as data forms and reports.

  • Add and delete documents.

  • Return information on documents.

The HFMwWorkspace component exposes task lists. Following are examples of the component’s functionality:

  • Add documents to task lists.

  • Delete documents from task lists.

  • Get documents in task lists.

HFMwDocuments Type Library


The HFMwSecurity component provides security-related functionality such as the following:

  • Enumerate an application’s security classes.

  • Test user rights to a given task.

  • Return all users’ access rights to a security class.

  • Return a user’s access rights to all security classes.

HFMwSecurity Type Library


The HFMwJournals component provides journal-related functionality such as the following:

  • Create and delete journals and templates.

  • Manage periods.

  • Perform journal actions such as submitting and posting.

  • Define journal and template column filtering and sorting criteria.

  • Create journal reports based upon specified criteria.

HFMwJournals Type Library


The HFMwSystemInfo component exposes various system-related features such as the following:

  • Get task audit information.

  • Clear the task audit history.

  • Enable and disable new connections.

  • Log off users.

HFMwSystemInfo Type Library


The HFMwSharesCalc component enables you to calculate ownership for an application.

HFMwSharesCalc Type Library


Includes the following components, which operate upon strings and files:

  • HFMwStringUtility - Provides methods that work with strings.

  • HFMwFileReader - Reads files.

  • HFMwEncodedFileWriter - Writes to files.

HFMwUtilities Type Library


The HsvResourceManager object enables you to handle Financial Management errors, and also provides localized resource string handling and formatting.

HsvResourceManager Type Library


The HFMConstants type library includes constants used by many of the methods and properties.

Constants: The HFMConstants Type Library


Getting Started further introduces the components and provides links to snippet examples of basic functionality.