About Cell Statuses

Some methods return cell statuses. Cell statuses are numeric codes that are represented by constants in the HFMConstants type library and that provide the following types of status information for a cell:

The applicable methods return all three types of statuses within one return value. The return value is a bit-field containing 32 bits, in which the least significant 8 bits store the cell’s transaction status codes, the most significant 10 bits store the cell’s calculation status codes, and the middle bits store the cell’s metadata status codes.

To access a cell’s status codes in VBScript, perform bitwise comparisons with operators such as AND. For example, the calculation status indicating that a cell contains no data is represented by the constant CELLSTATUS_NODATAINTABLE. The following If statement tests whether a cell status includes the “no data” calculation status. In this example, assume that the cell status has been assigned to the lStat variable: