Managing Security Filters

Access permissions in Planning are stored in the relational database. If you use other products outside of Planning, such as Financial Reporting or third-party tools, to access Planning data directly in Essbase, you must push Planning access permissions to Essbase by generating security filters.

To update security filters in Essbase for selected users, select Administration, then Manage Security Filters. To update security filters simultaneously for all users, select Administration, then Manage Database, and then Security Filters (see Creating and Refreshing Application Databases). First validate that the size of security filters does not exceed the Essbase limit of 64 KB per row.

For read and write security filters to be generated in Essbase, users must have read or write access permissions to at least to one member from each secured Planning dimension, including user-defined dimensions. If access is not assigned in these dimensions, the security filter for the user in Essbase is set to None.

*  To create or update individual security filters:

  1. From Planning, select Administration, then Manage Security Filters.

  2. Select the users whose security filters you want updated.

  3. Click Create.

    Essbase creates an encrypted file (Essbase.sec) to store access permissions information.


If you want planners and interactive user types to have write access directly to Planning data in Essbase, assign them the role “Essbase Write Access” in Shared Services.