Editing Scenarios

*  To modify scenarios:

  1. Select Administration, then Dimensions.

  2. For Dimension, select Scenario.

  3. Select the scenario to edit.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Optional: For Scenario, enter a name.

  6. Optional: For Description, enter a description.

  7. For Start Yr., Start Period, End Yr., and End Period, select the time period to associate with the scenario.

  8. Optional: For Exchange Rate Table, select an exchange rate table to associate with the scenario.

    If an application uses multiple currencies, associate a scenario with an exchange rate table to enable currency conversion.

  9. Optional: For Alias Table, select an alias table to associate with the scenario, and enter the description.

  10. Optional: Select Include BegBal as Time Period to include the BegBalance time period in this scenario for currency conversion.

  11. Optional: Select Enabled for Process Management to use this scenario in process management.

  12. Click Save.