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Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications (ERP Integrator) 4

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This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle’s® Hyperion Reporting and Analysis. Review this information thoroughly before installing Oracle’s® Hyperion Reporting and Analysis.

Release is a maintenance release for Release,, or

For installation and configuration late-breaking information, see the Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme.


It is our goal to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible to the disabled community. Oracle’s Hyperion Reporting and Analysis supports accessibility features, which are described in Appendix A of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition User’s Guide. Oracle’s® Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Readme documentation is accessible in this release in HTML format.

Translation Support

This release supports non-English languages. The list of supported languages for all EPM System products is included in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix, posted at http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/hyperion-supported-platforms.html

[SP1] New Features

See the Oracle’s Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Release 11.1.1 New Features Guide for additional information on new features. 

Information about system requirements for EPM System products is now available in a spreadsheet format in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted at http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/hyperion-supported-platforms.html. System requirements are no longer part of the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here.

In addition, new features for this release are listed below.

Financial Reporting

Setting Table of Contents Display Text

In the Book Editor, the table of contents column reflects the text display type selected for each entry; name, or description. In addition, you can now display custom text.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP
Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications (ERP Integrator)

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications (ERP Integrator) is a module of Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) that enables you to:

·         Integrate metadata and data from an ERP Integrator source system into an Oracle Hyperion EPM target application.

·         Drill through from the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) application (Financial Management or Planning through Web forms, Smart View or Financial Reporting) and view details in the ERP Integrator source system.

ERP Integrator supports general ledger data for:

·         PeopleSoft 9.0

·         Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 CU2

·         Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.6

·         Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1

Financial Reporting Studio New Grid Property – General Tab

A new Grid property, Drill Through, allows you to show drill through to Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) links in the report viewer as Related Content links. The default is when this setting is not selected.

Date Value Format in Financial Reporting Preferences

There is a new preference for Financial Reporting called "Date Value Format". This option supports Essbase data values that return a date value. Financial Reporting allows the user to specify a format for such a value. A cell within a grid can return a date value (which in Essbase internally is stored as a numeric value). When the cell returns that value, Financial Reporting needs to show in date format (for example, mm/dd/yyyy).  The user can specify the preferred date format.

EPM Workspace

Merging Children Permissions (ACL)

A new radio button group has been added, so a user can choose to overwrite or merge permissions.

·         If the user wants to redefine all permissions for child elements, replacing existing, then “Overwrite permissions” is selected.

·         If the user wants to redefine some permissions and add new permissions to the existing ones, then “Merge permissions” is selected. The changes are applied to folder child elements recursively.

Note: In case of a merge, if a user already exists in an ACL of some object being affected, and this user is granted new permissions, the new permissions overwrite the old ones.


The term “Drilldown” has changed to “Drill Through”.

Note: This term may not be reflected throughout all guides for this release.

Top of Document

Installation Information

See the Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme.

Top of Document

Reporting and Analysis Known Issues

The following issues are the noteworthy known issues of this release.


Report Number



After you run EPM System Configurator, you cannot log into Financial Reporting Studio using the administrator username and password.

Workaround: Re-deploy the Financial Reporting Web application, rerun Financial Reporting, and select the custom configuration.


Financial Reporting

Report Number



Exporting Financial Reporting to Microsoft office 2007 results in a warning message.

When opening a Financial Reporting exported report in an Office 2007 program (Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint), the following warning is now shown:

The file you are trying to open, <filename>, is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?

This warning notifies users that although the file has an Office extension (".xls", ".doc" or ".ppt"), the content of the file is different from the expected (native) Office format, since Financial Reporting reports are generated in an MHTML format when exporting to MS Office.

This is not a security concern. Microsoft Office is just warns a user of a file format that is different than expected. Select “Yes” in the warning, and the file opens correctly in Microsoft Office.


The data in the rows with Drill Through links disappear after expanding in the grid.


If your browser is Firefox 3.0 or later, the Add, Remove, and Remove All icons do not display correctly the first time you add a document in the Select dialog of the Book Editor and the Batch Editor. The icons is displayed once an item is selected in the "Look In" or "Selected Item" pane of the Select dialog.


With Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), the function ancestors(inclusive) does not return the specified member.


Member Selection: Using the Essbase driver and advanced member selection with the NOT operator does not work correctly.

When using the native Essbase driver against an Essbase data source, using Advanced Member selection with the NOT operator includes members in the NOT condition. This issue does not occur when using the EDS/APS driver.


Member Selection: You cannot see substitution variables if they contain quotes (“ “).

Surrounding quotes in Essbase Substitution Variables (SubVars) are not recognized. If there are SubVars with surrounding quotes that are required for Essbase calc scripts, they should be replicated without quotes for Financial Reporting to see them. SubVars can be more easily maintained with Essbase MaxL scripts.


Web App Server: Some Java server pages fail if the path is more than 256 characters, and when installing under a non-default directory.

Workaround: Decrease the path length by moving the directory closer to the root.


Scheduler Server: You cannot burst batches against Microsoft Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data sources.

Batch Bursting is not supported for Financial Reporting using Microsoft On Line Analytical Processing as a data source.


Scheduler Server: You cannot burst batches against SAP BW data sources.

Batch Bursting is not supported for Financial Reporting using SAP BW as a data source.


No error message is displayed when changing the data source on a report that contains a linked row and column template.

When performing a Change Data Source operation on a report that contains a linked row and column template, there is no warning message when the report contains a row and column template that is linked to a different data source.


SAP BW: Searching by description does not return the correct members.

When using SAP BW as a data source, you must search for members using the member name, not the description. When using the description, the members returned are not correct.


SAP BW: Expansion in SAP BW grid with Calculated / Restricted keys fails.

Expansions are supported only on rows for reports accessing a SAP BW data source without Calculated / Restricted keys.


The number of colors for selection on Windows Vista is less than in Windows XP, 2000 and 2003.

Chart color choices are limited when designing reports on a workstation with the Windows Vista operating system. We recommend that report designers create and design reports using a Windows XP workstation.


The Refresh All option only refreshes the active report in saved documents.

Before doing Refresh All for multiple reports in Microsoft Excel, go to the individual report sheets and activate the connection.


Enabling automatic downloading in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) in order for some MS Office files to be opened or Smart View to be downloaded is needed.

If your browser is Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), then you must enable Automatic prompting for file downloads in order to download files. Some examples of files which can be downloaded include the Smart View installation program and Microsoft Office files being exported from Financial Reporting. To make this setting in IE7, select Tools, then Internet Options, then Security, then Custom Level, then Downloads, then Automatic prompting for file downloads, and then Set to Enable.


The Print Preview window does not display in the foreground as the active window.

When performing a Print Preview in Financial Reporting Studio, the Print Preview window is not displayed as the active window. You need to select it from the system tray or press Alt+Tab to display the Print Preview window.


Annotation Manager: The view pane does not refresh and show replies to annotations through Annotation Manager.

After replying to an annotation, the reply may not be reflected in the annotation manager view pane until refreshed.


Financial Reporting portlet does not work.

When Hyperion portlets are deployed on WebSphere Portal version before, Financial Reporting portlet does not work. To fix this, apply patch PK34915 from the following location:


For additional details on the issue with the WebSphere portlet container see:



Oracle application server: A book in Portable Document Format fails when running a large book.

To ensure that long running reports and books complete without timeout errors, the recommended setting in the httpd.conf Web server configuration file is MaxKeepAliveRequests 0.


Firefox: Selecting related content to Financial Reporting within EPM Workspace returns a blank dialog.

When selecting related content to Financial Reporting using Firefox v2.0.0 browser, the report within EPM Workspace displays a blank dialog. This issue is resolved by upgrading the browser to Firefox or later.


Search services for annotations must be enabled after upgrading.

After upgrading, the search services which had not been enabled previously must be enabled.

To enable the search services manually using the EPM Workspace Agent User Interface, perform the following:

1.    Start the EPM Workspace Agent User Interface.

2.    Select Start, then Programs, then Oracle EPM System, then Workspace, then Utilities and Administration, then Start Workspace Agent User Interface (or from a command line at <Hyperion_Home>\common\workspacert\\bin\startUI.bat).

3.    Log on to EPM Workspace Agent User Interface at:

4.    In the Current View dropdown, select Service Configuration.

5.    Right-click on Workspace Service Type in the list and select Properties.

6.    Select the Services tab.

7.    Scroll down to see and enable the three Search services: Search Indexing, Search Keyword Provider, and Search Monitor.

8.    Select OK.

9.    Right-click Workspace Service Type in the list and select Restart.


You cannot run a Hyperion Financial Management report after running an SAP BW report as a different user.

In order to run consecutive reports using different data source credentials for data sources such as Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Essbase or SAP BW, you should restart EPM Workspace.


Annotation Manager: There are limitations on Show Reports of annotations search.

The following scenarios describe known issues of the Show Reports/Documents:

Expansion report: Create a report that includes expansion in a particular dimension (for example, year), then create a data source annotation on this report with context year: Qtr1,Product:100,Market:Market,Scenario:Scenario: Qtr1, Product: 100, Market: Market, Scenario: Scenario. The correct report is not retrieved when performing Show Reports/Documents.

Alias and Snapshot: Create a report that contains aliases for member names (for example, 100(Colas)). Then create a data source annotation on this report with Product: Colas and so on. Next, create a snapshot of this report. When performing Show Reports/Documents on that snapshot annotation, the correct result is not retrieved.

Financial Reporting Documents with similar names in same location: Save a snapshot report and a report in the same folder with one report’s name containing a substring of other report’s name, for example, "All Objects" and "All objects Snapshot." When performing Show Reports/Documents on any object level annotation in the report, both the snapshot and the report are displayed in the result. This is true for any type of Financial Reporting document having similar name strings and residing in the same location.

Descendants function, Range functions and so on: There are a number of functions that can be used while selecting members when creating a grid. Apart from simple member selections and children of function, if the report has any other functions like Range or Descendants the Show Reports/Documents will not retrieve results on the data source annotations.

SAP BW and Financial Management Reports: If you create a data source annotation, the Show Report functionality will not work consistently because the user Point of View (POV) members are not available in the report definition. When creating the data source annotation, if you choose any user POV, even with default value, the search will not find a match. Only the annotations created on the dimension’s members contained in row/column/page of the report will find the reports using Show Reports functionality.


When selecting multiple objects in the annotations view pane, search fails.


When using the annotations Advanced Search window, the user must resize the window in order to display and click the Search button.


Right sided borders in merged cells are overwritten by the left border setting in PDF (Portable Document Format)/Print Preview. To correct this occurrence, change the borders so that the left border of the cell which is to the right of the merged cells has the correct border, and remove the right border of the cell which is being merged.


The column template fails to inherit formats.

When using row and column templates, inherit formatting can only be applied to one axis; either rows or columns.


If Smart View is not installed, export to Microsoft Excel in Query Ready mode does not work in Firefox 2.

When using the Firefox browser, Smart View must be installed for the Export to Query Ready feature to work correctly.


Conditional suppression does not work if the comparison is set to “Invalid.”

In Financial Reporting Studio, when creating a report with Financial Management as the data source and applying conditional suppression, using the value of Invalid is incorrect. The correct condition value to use is No Data.


The error message on Financial Reporting Studio repository is displayed in English instead of the appropriate languages.


Annotation details on Book Preview appear as boxes for multibyte languages.

When your language preference is set to a multi-byte language in Financial Reporting User Preferences, the annotation details field labels such as Title, Author, Description, Date, and Category display as boxes instead of the appropriate multi-byte font when printing to Portable Document Format.

Workaround: Create and save a text object that includes the footnote function, <<Footnote()>>, to Workspace. Then in the Annotations Print Details user preferences, specify the text object to be used for printing.


Image objects are truncated in export to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

When Financial Reporting reports are exported to Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, image objects in the report are truncated. To correct this, change the "Tabbed Browsing Settings" through Internet Explorer Option settings.

To enable/disable "Browse in same window":

1.    In Windows Explorer, select Tools, and then Folder Options.

2.    Select the File Types tab.

3.    From the list of Extensions and File Types, select the Office product. For example, DOC Microsoft Office Word 97 – 2003.

4.    Click Advanced to display the Edit File Type dialog.

5.    Select Open, then select to enable, or deselect to disable, Browse in same window.

6.    Click OK.

7.    Click Close.



When a security agent is used to protect EPM Workspace, you may not be able to add or change related content using Financial Reporting Studio.


Reference in documentation for more information about substitution variables for related content is missing. 

Originally, the Workspace User’s Guide referred to the fr_subvars.properties file, which no longer exists. The properties in this file can be added in fr_configcache.properties file, which was changed in the guide for this release.

However, the guide also references the Financial Reporting Studio User’s guide for more information about substitution variables for related content; this information does not exist.

The missing text should read:

Substitution variables can be used to as replacement variables for server information in related content URLs. This can avoid manually changing URLs in case the Web server location is changed.

These variables can be manually added in the fr_configcache.properties file on the report server machine.

The syntax:


For example:



When server components are installed on the same machine as the Financial Reporting Studio, the Studio logon fails for remote Report Servers that use a different registry database than the local server components. This may affect Studio connectivity from a test environment to a production environment.

Workaround: Connect from a Financial Reporting Studio machine that does not have server components installed.


Report Number



JAWS (Job Access With Speech) does not read the database connection manager dialog name.

When accessibility mode is enabled, the objects in the database connection manager dialog are not identified correctly.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) does not read the Member Selection dialog name.

When accessibility mode is enabled, the objects in the Member Selection dialog are not identified correctly.



Interactive Reporting


Report Number




Some computed item names do not display correctly in EPM Workspace.

Special characters that are not allowed in naming JavaScript's identifier or functions must not be used in column names and control names. For example, white spaces, ''|'', ''$'', (euro), or “\” (backslashes) (same as half-width Yen & half-width Won). Using such characters in control names is not supported and can cause document rendering useless in EPM Workspace.



You are unable to add computed items through a shortcut menu in EPM Workspace.

At least one Results or Table column must be present to enable the right-click (shortcut) menu which contains the option to add or modify a computed item. When no columns are present, select the menu option Actions, and then Add Computed Item... to create a computed item.



Microsoft Excel Export does not check whether the destination file is locked, causing the export to fail.

The Report section Excel (XLS) export to an existing file does not check whether the destination file (which should be overwritten) is locked.  Excel (XLS) export does not occur in this case although the user is asked about the file replacement. This is not an issue for Results or Table sections.


An unknown error is displayed when an individual member value is dragged into the data layout from an SAP BW alternate hierarchy. This issue is specific to the OLAP Query section in an SAP BW data source and occurs only with an SAP BW GUI 6.4 OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) driver.


Data Function Percent of Row is incorrect on Cume set.

When you set a Pivot Cume data function of “Function of Percent of Row”, the percentage of the grand total is returned.


Interactive Reporting Service will not start on systems using 64 bit kernel mode on AIX 5.3 ml6.

The issue with AIX 5.3 ML6 affects all current and previously released versions of System 9 (through 9.3.1) and all versions of Hyperion Performance Suite 8. There is an IBM compatibility issue with ML6 in 64-bit kernel mode. IBM may also refer to 5.3 ML6 as 5300-06.

Since versions 8.5 and System 9 supports AIX 5.3, customers could assume that this includes all Technology Level (TL) and Maintenance Level (ML) levels. This notice is to inform you that 5.3 ML6 is not supported in versions 8.5 and System 9.

Action Required:
If you have already installed AIX 5.3 ML6 you will need to upgrade to AIX 5.3 ML7. IBM may also refer to 5.3 ML7 as 5300-07. Alternatively, you may change the kernel mode to 32-bit if using 5.3 ML6. However, Oracle recommends upgrading to AIX 5.3 ML7.


Portlet: The Launch Out function opens EPM Workspace in the same window.

The Launch Out function in the Interactive Reporting Portlet opens EPM Workspace in the same browser window when the portlet is configured with Oracle Web Center


Inconsistent behaviour of Save To Repository As option occurs.

When opening an Interactive Reporting document (BQY) job in the Web Client, and performing a Save to Repository As with a different file name, the feature works as expected. When performing a Save to Repository As again with the same file name as the Interactive Reporting document job, the following error message is presented: Failed to save the BQY document. Check the file name and permission. Also check the user has CONTENT PUBLISHED role. For Interactive Reporting Document Job output only the Save As option is allowed.

Workaround: Use “Save” instead of “Save to Repository As” to use the same file name.


Extension is missing and file type is not recognized when downloading Interactive Reporting.

After cancelling the installation of the WebClient, attempting to open the WebClient will show an unrecognized file type. To correct this, delete the cookie for the Workspace server and conduct the Web Client installation to completion.


Append query items in query operator dropdown become disabled.

Items in the Query Operator dropdown become disabled after the appended query is renamed.

Workaround: Switch to another query section or to another section.


The Section property Last Printed option does not return the last printed time stamp.

If a section was printed from EPM Workspace, the property LastPrinted does not return the proper time stamp.


Slider does not draw widgets in certain cases.

When using the Mozilla FireFox2 browser with EPM Workspace, in the following cases, the widgets are temporarily non-responsive to slider input:

·       The first time viewing the widgets when the document is opened.

·       After viewing LiveCharts which are positioned outside a certain “footprint.

Workaround: Navigate to another section of the document and return. Widgets should now be responsive to slider input.


Interactive Reporting Widgets: EPM Workspace error, UNIX Interactive Reporting Service becomes unresponsive after results delete/restore.

Workaround: Do not delete all the columns in the Results section.


Users cannot open an Interactive Reporting document (BQY) in EPM Workspace that contains only a data model section.


SiteMinder: ihtml servlet requests additional authorization on weblogic-iis configuration.

If you are running WebLogic application server with IIS Web Server, and have SiteMinder Web agent configured on IIS, add WLSendHdrSeparately=ON line to the iisproxy.ini file.


Interactive Reporting Documents (BQY) fail to open correctly in legacy mode on German locale.


Multiple logon dialogs appear on export section from Workspace to Microsoft Excel if authentication through SiteMinder is installed.


SiteMinder fails to export to .mhtml and .xls when selecting File, and then Export.

To perform Export on configuration with SiteMinder by selecting File, then Export and then Excel (*.mhtml or *.xls), you must change the security settings for the browser by selecting Downloads, and then enable Automatic prompting for file downloads = enabled.


The IncludeHeaders parameter is ignored in the Export() and ExportToStream() methods.


Report Number



Some CubeQuery features are not presented in Workspace help.

The following options are not described in help for Workspace:

·     When selecting Navigating CubeQuery, and then Using Swing

·     Label Indentation


Selecting Actions, and then Drill Through is disabled for mapped dimensions in EPM Workspace.

In EPM Workspace, if you select Actions, and then the Drill Through option, the Drill Through menu item is disabled for mapped dimensions. This occurs when there are no mapped dimensions on the other axis. It is enabled for unmapped/disabled dimensions if there are mapped dimensions in both items.

Workaround: Apply Drill Through using the right-click (shortcut) menu.


Shared members are included in grand totals in a Pivot section if their parent member was renamed.


Sorting in the Results section may be incorrect when CubeQuery contains duplicate names or when aliases are enabled.


A search in a dimension with a pipe ("|") character in the name returns an Invalid argument error if the Catalog Dimensions are displayed in Single dimension mode.


The CubeQuery catalog search and Find() method return the stored member instead of the corresponding shared member in the data source with allowed duplicate names.


Swapping dimensions inside one axis results in Interactive Reporting service restart.

Hewlett Packard Unix - HP-UX IA64: When you swap dimensions inside one axis by dragging items in Data Layout or use the Swing feature, an Interactive Reporting restart occurs in EMP Workspace.


“Download To Results” is incorrect on case sensitive outline.


Case sensitive members are displayed incorrectly after searching for case sensitive members with “Both” option selected.


Using Firefox2.0, there is no blinking cursor in the Search String edit box of the Catalog pane on a WebSEAL protected configuration.


Report Number



The slider does not appear greyed out when Enable equals false.

The slider does not appear greyed out when it is disabled. Other controls when disabled are greyed out.


A three color range restriction is incorrectly applied to single traffic light.

A single traffic light gauge is restricted to three color ranges.


Remove horizontal and vertical gradient effects from Live Line Chart options.

The Gradient-Horz (horizontal) and Gradient-Vert (vertical) properties are not applicable for Live Line Charts even though the properties dialog displays them.


You cannot set gauge data function property using the object model.

The Widget Gauge Fact and Target Fact Data function properties must be set through the user interface. You cannot set it using the Object Model.


Negative patterns are needed in XML and API number formats.

For a predefined number format, if the number format is "+#,##0" or "+#,##0%", the negative number is shown as "-+#,##0" or "-+#,##0%" instead of "-#,##0" or "-#,##0%." For a custom number format, the negative format cannot be guaranteed to be correct in this release.


Widget association with slider is lost if slider contains no data.

The slider must contain data for a valid association with a gauge or Live Chart.


Slow performance resembling a hang occurs with default interval and no autoscale.

Designers should avoid setting Gauge and Widget major and minor tickmark intervals to small values relative to the minimum and maximum scale. The time required to render the tickmarks may be excessive for some users.


There is no Object Model functionality for the EventScript on the Slider Widget. You cannot use dynamic creation, reading or writing for this script event.


No support exists for multiple sliders.

A slider can be associated with one or multiple gauges or Live Charts; however, only one slider per gauge or Live Chart is supported.


A JVM error occurs when opening Interactive Reporting with Dashboard.

The invocation.xml configuration for JVM contains the following setting: <option>-Xmx64m</option>. This Xmx setting may be modified, based on individual system capacity, for performance reasons.


The colors in the Live Line Chart ranges may appear lighter than those selected in the color palette.


Some widget-specific Script Editor dynamic help file links are not enabled. Attempting to open them will generate a "file not found" alert. To reach these Help topics, open the Help file through another technique and search by name.


Various widgets may not draw when opening a document for the first time.

Workaround: When an individual widget does not appear in EPM Workspace when opening the document, close and reopen the document. The widgets should then appear.


Export output does not support transparency.

Widget transparency is not supported in export output. The widget footprint appears as white regardless of the background color of the dashboard.


Report Number



No Accessibility or Comments tabs appear in properties for some dashboard controls.

Not all Dashboard controls have both Accessibility and Comments tabs in properties. This influences tooltips for the controls in the EMP Workspace.


Embedded browser: Some property settings are not saved.

A user is unable to save accessibility text properties for an embedded browser in Interactive Reporting Studio and Web Client. As a result, accessibility text is not displayed in EPM Workspace.


The presence of embedded browser in dashboard influences keyboard navigation.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) does not read advanced information about an element.

Advanced information about a selected element is displayed in Status bar and as a tooltip on selecting the Ctrl+Alt+Enter keys, but it is not read by JAWS.


You cannot control widgets using keyboard only.


Smartcut: You are unable to call toolbar items from section.

When an Interactive Reporting document is opened through Smartcut, shortcut keys called from the content area do not work.


You are unable to open context menu for a table cell.

Pressing Shift+F10 does not open the context menu for elements in a CubeQuery table.

Workaround: Use the Application key.


For Interactive Reporting Charts, JAWS (Job Access With Speech) reads all objects with the word “link” in the end (Labels, Legend, Chart elements, and so on).


Report Number



For an ODBC/ODBC MERANT Oracle Wire Protocol driver connection, the timpestamp WITH TIME ZONE data type is recognized as a string.

Workaround: Manually set the data type.


Processing INTERVAL data type causes date format error for Teradata 4.0 ODBC driver.

Workaround 1: Set the column’s data type to “String” in the Item Properties dialog.

Workaround 2: Use Teradata 3.5 or 12.0 ODBC drivers.

Interactive Reporting Web Client

Report Number



You cannot control the Layer or Layering function when one object is an embedded browser.

This is a limitation of Windowed controls and non-Windowed controls where Windowed controls, like an embedded browser, cannot go behind non-Windowed controls like shapes/graphics.


Datamodel connection property "username" returns null value.

Interactive Reporting Web Client retrieves the user name from the Object Model when the:

·         User name is specified by way of the Object Model, or,

·         OCE/Query section setting prompts for the user name

In all other scenarios, the user name/password is read by the server and sent to the database. For security reasons, the user name is never sent to the client.


The extension is missing and the file type is not recognized when downloading an Interactive Reporting documents file.

After cancelling the installation of the Web Client, an attempt to open the Web Client shows an unrecognized file type. To correct this, the user should delete the cookie for the EPM Workspace server and complete the Web Client installation.


Data Analysis Systems (DAS) is unable to load OBIEE driver on Linux.

On Linux/UNIX platforms, sometimes loading of ODBC driver for Oracle BI fails, causing query processing to fail.

Workaround: Run Data Access Service on Windows platform.


In Firefox 2, Live Charts will not draw outside of specific footprint.

In the Mozilla Firefox browser, Live Charts outside a footprint of approximately 8 1/2 inches width or 3 1/2 inches height in the Dashboard workspace will not draw correctly. If you intend to deploy the dashboard on Firefox, design the dashboard within this footprint constraint.

Dashboard Development Services

Dashboard Builder

Report Number



The Dashboard Studio wizard steps are not Unicode enabled.


Report Number



Evaluation toolbar tooltips in Dashboard Architect do not display due to UniToolbox limitations.


SQR Production Reporting

Report Number



Charts are not displayed in a report if placed in a Production Reporting Studio group summary section.


1.    Place the chart in the Query Summary section and process the report.

2.    In the report layout, move the chart from the Query Summary to the Group Summary.

3.    Process the report again.

Now the chart appears correctly for each group break.


Multiple data source: The query builder should prevent users from selecting incompatible data sources when they edit a query.

When users edit reports to add a second query from a different data source, based on the first connection that they select, Query Builder displays a warning if the second connection is not of the same type as the first. After this warning is displayed, and the user removes the incompatible data connection, in some cases, this causes the Studio to become unresponsive.

If users get a warning message, they should close the Query Builder dialog and try again.


After editing the second master query, SQR Production Reporting Studio causes an unanticipated application error.

In a report that includes two master queries from two different DDO data sources, SQR Production Reporting Studio results in an unanticipated application error when attempting to edit the second master query.


".doc" outputs generated by Production Reporting (SQR) cannot be opened in Microsoft Word 2010.


Report Number



Users cannot navigate through the fields in the report layout the way JAWS (Job Access With Speech) would read out.


EPM Workspace


Report Number



EPM Workspace stops responding after 50 copy/paste operations are performed.


Parameters of a scheduled job cannot be changed directly from the "Modify Schedule" screen.


UNIX only: set_common_env.sh should not redefine library variables.

In order to use external library path variables for OCI connections you have to update inside <HYPERION_HOME>/common/workspacert/ library path definition for usage LD_LINRAY_PATH/LIB_PATH/SHLIB_PATH from user environment as below:

             export LIBPATH
…………    ;;
             export SHLIB_PATH
        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH


Note: Perform this workaround together with 8693216: UNIX only: agent.sh has mistakes in library path definition.


UNIX only: agent.sh has mistakes in library path definition.

In order to use external library path variables for OCI connections you have to fix library path definition inside <HYPERION_HOME>/common/workspacert/ file:


should be updated to:


Note: The same one for SHLIB_PATH and LIBPATH. Perform this workaround together with 8693191: UNIX only: set_common_env.sh should not redefine library variables.


When a text field is selected, the cursor does not display.

When using Firefox, the cursor does not display in some text boxes. For example, the text box in the dialog box which opens when the user renames a file or folder. This issue has been traced to Mozilla.


UI and Visualization: SQR Production Reporting jobs in Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint output open outside the Firefox framework.

When using Firefox, documents in common spreadsheets and word processing formats open in a separate window; They are not embedded in the browser as when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Group preferences are not enforced for newly added users.

Group preferences are applied only to current group members, not to users who are added to the group after the group preferences are set.


When a menu has a long list of sub-menus, they do not display.

In Internet Explorer 7, menus sometimes overlap or have unnecessary scroll bars. Internet Explorer 7 allows you to control whether Web applications can open windows of any size. By default, this feature prohibits Web applications from opening windows of any size, causing menus to display incorrectly in some circumstances.

To display menus correctly:

1.    Select Tools, then Internet Options.

2.    On the Security tab, select the Web application's zone, and click Custom Level.

3.    Under Miscellaneous, go to Allow script initiated windows without size or position constraints, and click Enable.

4.    Click OK, and then Yes, then click OK again.


The wrong folder can be selected when clicked.

When Firefox is used on Linux based operating systems, clicking the mouse to select an object in Explorer may result in the wrong object selected.

To resolve this, TrueType fonts should be installed and used. The recommended font package is the liberation-fonts package. This package can be installed using the command:

yum install liberation-fonts

The X Windows server must be restarted for the change to take effect. After restarting, the default fonts can be set in Firefox to 16pt "Microsoft Sans Serif."


The scrollbar does not work as expected.

In certain instances a tree with content wider than the visible area displays scrollbars which have no effect.

Workaround: Move the vertical splitter to the right, which resizes the visible area, allowing for more content.


The Address bar always shows on Internet Explorer (IE7).

Microsoft IE7 has a new feature that allows the user to control whether Web applications can open windows without address or status bars. By default, this feature prohibits Web applications from opening windows without address or status bars, making these parts of the browser always visible.

To hide these parts of the browser:

1.    Open Tools, and then select Internet Options. Click the Security tab, select the Web application's zone, and click Custom Level.

2.    Under the Miscellaneous heading, find the setting Allow Websites to open windows without address or status bars, and select Enable.

3.    Close the dialog by pressing OK, confirming with Yes, and pressing OK again.


The Width parameter is not applied when using Firefox.

When working with portlets on Oracle WebCenter page under Firefox browser, portlet content width cannot be changed on the Edit page.

Workaround: Set portlet width and height explicitly in the adfp:portlet tag on the WebCenter page.


Duplicate entries display on the toolbar when launched from EPM Workspace and

Users of Performance Scorecard wishing to use EPM Workspace and should upgrade Performance Scorecard to a version later than 9.2.1.


Interactive Reporting portlet session expires after first logon from WebLogic 10 portal.

If you see the message, "Current Portlet Session Expired, please log on again or create a new session...", after selecting Interactive Reporting report in portlet in the WebLogic Portal 10, upgrade WebLogic Portal to version 10.2.


If you change a property in the Configuration and Monitoring Console (CMC), you must restart the services for the change to take affect. Also, for Data Access Service DSNs, you must restart the Data Access Service to pick up any modifications made to the DSNs. If you change log configuration values or add custom log configurations, refresh the log configurations (right-click and select Refresh Log Configurations) to apply the changes to the service. You do not need to restart the service for log configuration changes to take affect.


The following Java system property - dusehostname usage documentation is missing:

The Service Broker uses the IP address to register itself to the Global Service Manager (GSM) by default. In order to force the use of the Hostname instead, set the Java Property -DUSEHOSTNAME=true.


URL is not found when selecting the Help icon and menu items.

Help is not available for Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Fusion Edition pre when launched from anywhere inside EPM Workspace

Workaround: Copy the Help files from the 9.3.1 installation of Scorecard into the workspace_static/docs folder.


When Microsoft Excel is not installed, right-clicking on a Microsoft Excel-format file in the Workspace repository and selecting Open in New Window produces a browser window which immediately closes.


Nested search date syntax is removed if there is more than one statement.

SimpleSearch expressions and AdvancedSearch UI may not be fully synchronized when using date filters in conjunction with an OR operator

Only the AND operator is fully supported.

For example searching for "sales" AND "last modified date between 25th August 2008 and 20th September +sales +LastModifiedDate:[2008-08-25 TO 2008-09-20]” is fully synchronized between both views. But searching for documents containing the keyword "sales" OR “last modified in this same time period: sales LastModifiedDate:[2008-08-25 TO 2008-09-20]” is not redisplayed accurately in AdvancedSearch UI (User Interface).


Selecting Administer, then General, and then Enable Users to Use Subscription and Notification, has no effect and will be removed in the next release. If you want to disable users to use Subscription, launch Configuration Management Console, and select Web Application Properties, then Workspace, then User Interface. If you want to disable any e-mail notifications, launch Configuration Utility and clear Mail Server settings in Hyperion Foundation - Common Settings.


Firefox: Workspace pages do not render HPS portlet due to wrong content type.

Workspace pages do not correctly render HPS portlets when the browser is Firefox and HPS is installed on certain Web application servers.

Workaround: Use Internet Explorer as the browser.


Firefox browser becomes unresponsive when trying to resize the portlet.

In some circumstances, Firefox 2 may become unresponsive when resizing a portlet.

Workaround: Use Internet Explorer to edit the portlet's size.


The Save As option should not change the current version of the Workspace Page.

When editing a Workspace Page by selecting File, and then Save As, allows the user to save the changes to a new Workspace Page. However, selecting this menu item saves changes to the existing Workspace Page as well as to the new Workspace Page.

Workaround: Open the page and select File, and then Save As, then save the page with the new name before making any changes to the page.


The document’s modified time is displayed as a.m. or p.m. on search request.


If you turn on delegated administration in Shared Services, you can no longer assign the WORLD group permissions.


Workspace hangs periodically and users cannot log on.

According to mod_jk documentation, the socket_keepalive property should be used when there is a firewall between the Web Server and the Tomcat engine, so as not to drop inactive connections.


In EPM Workspace Admin help, the Starting RSC topic has the wrong path and batch file name.

Step 1 of Configuring RSC topic has the wrong path and batch file name. Instead of either:

·         Windows: Select Start, then Programs, then Oracle EPM System, then Workspace, then Utilities and Administration, then Service Configurator. Or,

·         From products/foundations/workspace, run servcieconfig.bat.

It should be either:

·         Windows: Select Start , then Programs , then Oracle EPM System, then Workspace, then Utilities and Administration, and then Service Configurator. Or ,

·         From <Hyperion_Home>\products\Foundation\workspace\bin, run ServiceConfig.bat.


In EPM Workspace User's Guide, change the text,Creating Workspace Pages, step 6:

Optional: To add a URL, Favorites, or Alerts Exceptions in the content area of a Workspace page, select Edit, then Add Content, then URL, Favorites, or Alerts Exceptions.


Optional: To add a URL, Favorites, Alerts Exceptions or Applications in the content area of a Workspace page, select Edit, then Add Content, then URL, Favorites, Alerts Exceptions or Applications. By selecting the Applications menu item, a new layout area is added to the Workspace page that displays the list of provisioned applications.


An error message is displayed after running a Production Reporting job from the Home page.


In the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace User's Guide, Release, Accessibility Appendix, the note which follows step 3 in the Enabling Screen Reader Support for EPM Workspace does not apply to this section. It should have replaced the first note in the Accessibility for Interactive Reporting section as follows:

Keyboard navigation has been enabled by default in both the screen reader and non-screen reader modes for Interactive Reporting documents in the EPM Workspace. You can disable keyboard navigation when the screen reader setting is not active. To disable keyboard navigation, add the parameter: DISABLE_KEYBOARD_NAV_IN_NON_508_MODE=true to the Hyperion Interactive Reporting Service (BI) in Dynamic Service properties through the Configuration and Monitoring Console (CMC). For more information, see Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition, Administrator’s Guide.


When launching Workspace with Firefox 3, the browser's address bar is shown. The address bar can be hidden by following the instructions at:



The End Date setting has no effect for recurring events.

Schedules that use Recurring Time Events continue to run even though their End Date is in the past.


Windows 77/Internet Explorer 8/Microsoft Office 10: Credentials are asked when opening Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .ppt or .xls.)

Workaround: Click “Cancel” when asked for credential in the “Windows Security”.

User Interface and Servlets

Report Number



When using Smartcuts to navigate Hyperion® SQR® Production Reporting reports, the navigation bar and table of contents become embedded deeper with each report jump.

Workaround: When using Smartcuts for Report Surfing, have the target href link point to "_top" so that EPM Workspace Explorer does not keep embedding the link inside itself.


All Smartcuts (Get/Run) do not work if file or folder names contain the characters “#” (sharp) or “;” (semicolon).

This issue occurs with Tomcat. If encountered, update web.xml of EPM Workspace application and change the value for the parameter rebuildPathInf to True (false is the default). After the application server restarts, Smartcuts should work as expected.


In EPM Workspace, an Interactive Reporting document (BQY) file job output does not appear through withnav_run+bqtype=ihtml smartcut.

An EPM Workspace Interactive Reporting document (BQY) job output does not appear if bqtype=iHTML tag is specified in the Smartcut.

NOTE: This is true only for Firefox 2003 (not Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7) and only for withnav_run (run is fine).


Configuration fails when the host name is around 64 characters.

Fully qualified domain name must be shorter than 64 characters. If the name is longer than 64 characters, EPM Workspace configurations fails due to the limitations in the database columns.


An extra prompt appears for Credentials Opening Office Document using Internet Explorer with Smartcut or from EPM Workspace.

If a security agent with a cookie-based session management mechanism is used, opening Microsoft Office documents from Internet Explorer may cause another prompt for credentials to appear. This is because Microsoft Office issues a HTTP OPTIONS request when attempting to open documents. This OPTIONS request does not contain the same session-related cookies as requests made from the browser, so the security provider issues the prompt for credentials. Please see http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;838028 for details about how Office and Internet Explorer open documents.

Workaround: Reconfigure the security provider by disabling authentication for OPTIONS requests.


When you open a Smartcut with %xx encoded special symbols, you receive an exception. The browser address prompt displays your Smartcut with special symbols already decoded. In this case, do the following:

1.    In %HYPERION_HOME%/common/httpServers/Apache/2.x.xx/
conf/ httpd.conf, find string: JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompat –ForwardDirectories.

2.    Replace with: JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompat -ForwardDirectories +ForwardURICompatUnparsed.

3.    Restart the Apache HTTP server.

Directory Services

Report Number



The New Document wizard closes unexpectedly when you do not have permission to access Interactive Reporting documents.

When creating Interactive Reporting documents with the New Document wizard, you can select a file to which you do not have access (such as a file imported by another user). If you select such a file, you get an error message that you do not have permission to access the document, and the New Document wizard closes.


Objects imported from Shared Services do not display until after refresh.

After documents are imported from Shared Services, they are not displayed in the repository until selecting View, and then Refresh for the directory containing the imported documents.


You are unable to open Microsoft Office files in a new window in Internet Explorer running on a Windows 2003 server.

To open Microsoft Office files in a new window in Internet Explorer running on Windows 2003:

  1. Add Workspace URL to the trusted zone.
  2. Enable Automatic prompting for the downloads option for trusted sites.
  3. Disable Use Pop-up Blocker.


An unexpected message appears when creating or renaming folder or file names with over 80 characters.

Long file and folder names containing multi-byte characters should not exceed 80 characters.


Users must be provisioned with Reporting and Analysis roles in order to launch 9.2 Financial Management and Planning applications from within EPM Workspace.

Hyperion Financial Management and Planning users must have a Reporting and Analysis role in order to launch Hyperion Financial Management or Planning release 9.2 applications from within EPM Workspace. If not, they cannot access the EPM Workspace repository and view Favorites (including Favorites which are links to 9.2 applications).

Note: If Financial Management and Planning are at version 9.3 or higher, the users do not need to be provisioned with Reporting and Analysis roles.


Report Number



Retry logic for schedules results in an infinite loop when Interactive Reporting Job Service is not available.

In certain circumstances, when the Interactive Reporting Job Services are stopped, a scheduled job may retry continuously in a loop.


Report Number



Items remaining in the status bar of Internet Explorer do not focus.

After the module is opened, JAWS (Job Access With Speech) reads the contents of the focused item.


In some circumstances, JAWS (Job Access With Speech) may read more information than required, such as the image URLs.


Foundation: MAGic does not highlight documents in content area.

When the MAGic screen magnifier is used with the speech option enabled, navigating through the content area using the arrow keys produces unexpected results. The screen reader reads listed documents in correct order but does not highlight them, and the focus does not move. This does not occur when the screen reader is used with the speech option disabled.

Workaround: Change the key bindings for moving from the arrow keys to different keys.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) reads the "/" in header as “slash” instead of “root”.

In EPM Workspace Explorer, when the user is browsing the repository, screen readers such as JAWS read the path in the repository as "slash" instead of a more friendly term such as "root."


Buttons and list boxes seen in 508 accessibility scrolling.

List box controls in Internet Explorer 6 may have rendering problems when EPM Workspace is used in accessibility mode and the display is scrolled. Internet Explorer 7 generally does not have these scrolling issues, although in some circumstances older video cards/drivers may display them. In both Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 some list boxes may render as dropdown controls when in accessibility mode.


In the File Open dialog, JAWS (Job Access With Speech) announces grid view items and name fields twice.

In some circumstances, screen readers such as JAWS may read items in a grid view twice instead of once. This applies to grid listings such as the Open File dialog and Explorer in EPM Workspace.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) does not read the focused data in text fields with Virtual PC off.

In some circumstances, when the focus changes to a text field, JAWS does not read the contents of the text field.

Workaround: Enable Virtual PC Cursor, move the focus away from the text field, and return the focus to the text field. JAWS will read the contents of the text field. However, Virtual PC Cursor must be disabled by the user after switching focus from the text field.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) reads menu items after opening new EPM Workspace page.

When pressing Esc to exit the main menu, you must press Esc one more time after the menu closes to remove the focus from the menu bar.

Web Analysis

Report Number



Web Analysis Secure Socket Layer (SSL) does not work consistently.


The Alias Controller, combo box and Dimension Browser button do not work in EPM Workspace.

Workaround: make sure to add the last data source that has an alias controller table attached as the one you would like to display in the combo box.


ARUutil will not create user preferences when regional settings are Turkish.


Using Internet Explorer, the Print via PDF option does not work in EPM Workspace running under Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


Subscriptions do not render personal variables with different label modes.

The Subscription control with a personal variable in the selection created for dimension with different descriptions from IDs becomes blank after the label mode is changed for the data source.


The wrong member displays after drill-up on substitution variable/ancestors/siblings.

You cannot Drill Up on Substitution Variable and member to which Also Select Ancestors, Also Select Siblings, or Also Select Previous Advanced Selection was applied.


The data layout does not work correctly when selecting IDs in the dimension labels.


The header sorting options work incorrectly in some cases.

Header Descending and Header Generation sorting works incorrectly if the advanced member selection contains a root dimension member.


Linked Reporting Objects (LRO) Indicators for Essbase Studio cubes are either shown on all cells or no cells.

If Show LRO Indicators is enabled when working with a cube created through Essbase Studio Server, LRO Indicators will be shown on all cells.


Web Analysis fails to connect to Hyperion Shared Services (HSS) running under Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Web Analysis cannot access related content if HSS are running in SSL mode.

Workaround: Specify the particular related content server on Related Content Configuration tab of Web Analysis Web-Application Properties Dialog in Oracle|Hyperion Configuration and Monitoring Console.


The alias controller applies changes only after Save/Reload.

Changing the label mode with alias controller does not affect subscription controls at once; only after save/reload changes are applied.


All ancestors are exported if the XLSeparatecolumns value is set.

Setting the XLSeparateColumns parameter to true state causes dimension member in rows to be exported to Excel together with its ancestors.


Drill Down on the Personal variable with member from dimension bottom deletes the dimension selection.


The focus is moved from Web Analysis Studio after some dialogs are accepted.

In Internet Explorer 7, the initial session page receives focus after some dialogs in Web Analysis Studio are accepted.

Workaround: Keep the browser window minimized.


You cannot add related content to a cell on configuration protected by SiteMinder.

You need to configure SiteMinder to work with Related Content. SiteMinder policy server configuration shortage is detected. The unprotected realm for /workspace/browse/listXML context must end with an asterisk (*) symbol (for example, /workspace/browse/listXML*).


You cannot log on to Web Analysis Htmlviewer client on configuration protected by SiteMinder.

If you are running WebLogic application server with IIS Web server, and have SiteMinder Web agent configured on IIS, add the WLSendHdrSeparately=ON line to the iisproxy.ini file.


Export of Web Analysis report to Microsoft Office from EPM Workspace may not work on configuration protected by SiteMinder.

To correct this, in the Internet Explorer browser:

1. Click Tools, and then Internet Options.

2. Select Security tab.

3. Click the Custom Level... button.

4. Scroll to the Downloads section.

5. Enable Automatic prompting for file downloads section.

6. Apply changes and restart the Internet Explorer browser.  


You are unable to drill through to an URL report working via Essbase Integration Services if Analytic Provider Services (APS) mode is in use.


The browser launch page hangs after closing Web Analysis applet.

Internet Explorer process hangs when closing Web Analysis Studio using the Close(X) or Exit button if the applet was launched under JRE 1.5.

Workaround: Close Web Analysis launch page first.

Note: JRE 1.6 is not impacted with this defect.


New database connections may not be added and saved in database preferences dialog in Workspace in some cases.

Workaround: Database connection entries are added using the following steps:

1. In the Database Preferences dialog, specify the database file location.

2. Select Enter User ID and Password.

3. Click Connect.

4. When connected, specify the alias table you want to use as the default, and click OK.

Saved database connection entries can be edited in order to set the "Use User's ID and Password" or "Prompt for User ID and Password" options.


When running Web Analysis on Windows systems with WebLogic and the JRockit JVM, administrators may notice signs of a memory leak. If this becomes an issue, switch to a newer version of JRockit. BEA JRockit R27.6.3-40_o-112056-1.5.0_17-20090318-2104-windows-ia32 fixed apparent memory leaks initially observed during internal testing.


Windows7 with Internet Explorer 8: Web Analysis Studio does not load with default Java 1.5.0_17.


Report Number



With web Analysis 7.0 migration, some special characters in dimnames and dimaliases do not migrate.

Hyperion Analyzer 7.0.x migration: the “Member Not Found” error message may appear when opening some Reports if corresponding Essbase data source contains some special European characters in Dimension names or Member names.

Workaround: Rebuild the reports with the known issues.


With Web Analysis 7.0 migration, the data base preference / alias table does not migrate correctly.

Hyperion Analyzer 7.0.x migration: The Alias Table for data sources is set to Default for migrated users.

Workaround: Manually update preferences to set desired Alias Table after migration.


Specific to DB2-based Hyperion Analyzer 7.0.x migration, desktop Shortcuts are not automatically created for migrated users. Users should manually create shortcuts to the desired presentations on their desktops.

Smart View

Report Number



Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Web Analysis report are imported sequentially.

Workaround: Use the All Pages option to import multiple pages of a report.


You are unable to process CubeQuery section with duplicates against Essbase.

If an Interactive Reporting document contains non unique Essbase members in a CubeQuery section, then it cannot be exported to Smart View client using Query Ready data export option or using the Launch Smart View menu command.


Reporting and Analysis documents do not display if EPM Workspace is under WebSeal.

Reporting and Analysis documents are not displayed in the folder tree while importing if EPM Workspace is under WebSeal with the additional context path configured to: http://<server>:<port>/<context path>/workspace.


Client filters are not updated in the POV toolbar after changing them through BI edit.

If one filter was changed to another one after importing a CubeQuery section through BI Edit, the POV toolbar is not updated with the newly applied filter. Data is changed successfully.


If Preview contains any controls, the tab focuses on it.

When importing a job which generates output with links and using the Tab key to navigate through Preview page, then those links are selected. You can press the Enter key to follow the link. When this happsens, after selecting Finish to import the page, the imported page is different than the page last displayed in the Preview pane.


Alias names are not exported to Microsoft Excel in query ready mode.

Alias Member name appears only in Web/Portable Document Format view. However, when exporting the grid to Microsoft Excel as query ready, it takes the original value from the data base instead of the alias name.


Microsoft Excel workbooks open in corrupted format when Microsoft Excel is installed.

In the Smart View releases, the Simulation and Forecasting workbooks uploaded to the EPM Workspace repository are encoded and can be used only by Smart View.

Defects Fixed in Release

Financial Reporting

Report Number



When exporting query ready reports, the substitution variable name is exported instead of the value.


After import, the .des file information is incorrect.


Entity currency setup is in fr_global.properties, not fr_repserver.properties.

Financial Reporting documentation has been changed to indicate that the mappings are defined in fr_global.properties in the HFM Entity Currency section.


Running reports against migrated Essbase database does not work.


When running any report, the Financial Reporting reports server service crashes.


A grid POV, when designed not to be hidden, will only show in html view, not pdf view.

Documentation in the Financial Reporting Studio guide was changed as follows:

The grid POV only displays in a HTML view, and not in a PDF view. In HTML view, the report is interactive, so you can change the Grid POV members, whereas a PDF view is a static document, and you cannot change the grid POV.


“Indent increases for each generation by” does not work when “Allow Expansion” is true.


The alias for any dimensions in Point of View (POV) in Financial Reporting with client outline does not display.


Annotations text disappears as you expand a report with expansions in EPM Workspace.


Annotation server places annotations at the substitution variable value.


Cannot open the report after edit report permission in EPM Workplace.


Unable to update xbrl schemas in Financial Reporting.


Basic functionality of manageuserpov utility does not work.


The annotation paperclip does not display on a report for a cell that has a member with Russian characters in Oracle® Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition

If your database server is MS SQL Server, when using annotations, there is an issue with storage of context with multi-byte characters, which is how the database fields are defined by default.

To enable annotations to work correctly for multi-byte languages, you must make the following changes to the table definitions:


Original Data Type: varchar(256)
New Data Type: nvarchar(256)


Original Data Type: varchar(256)
New Data Type: nvarchar(224)

Original Data Type: varchar(256)
New Data Type: nvarchar(224)

Note: Any annotations associated with a context that has multi-byte content prior to the field type changes are not recoverable.

Interactive Reporting

Report Number



The Help file for the ToMonth function is unclear.


When using the Japanese Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) character as an Interactive Reporting file name, the file name gets garbled when printing.


Chinese characters do not display in Oracle nvarchar with Oracle Call Interface (OCI) connectivity.


Irjobservice crashes with signal sigsegv.


Biservice fails to send emails for job actions.


Running Hyperion Interactive Reporting reports in Internet Explorer Consumes 100% CPU.


Brackets should be enabled when building union queries with object model.


Interactive Reporting runs in Version 8 but fails as a job in Version 9.


When a document is saved without results, and the slider object is moved, an Unknown Error message is returned.  


Setting the Zero Administration flag to No still triggers the download of the Interactive Reporting Web client.


You cannot display (Double Byte Character Set) DBCS Japanese Katakana and Hiragana characters using Show Values.


The page footer in a report section cannot be resized.


The Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) Japanese file name get garbled in printer queue.


The Interactive Studio User’s Guide (ir_user.pdf), Page 99,  the SQL statement has been corrected.


Iteration of control and shape not necessarily identical.

The documentation infers that the Control and Shape would
iterate identically, but that is not the case.


The following error appears in the console when exporting:
Script(x): uncaught exception: Cannot export an empty section.


The Customsqlwhere command fails when the customsql window closed.


Incorrect SQL generation using outer join ODBC options in OCE.

This is a known issue with MSSQL and nested outer joins when the Use Outer Join Escape Syntax option is selected. If nested outer joins are needed, deselect the option.


Locally saved Interactive Reporting document file is not reloaded in new Web Client after upgrading.

When you open a locally saved Interactive Reporting document file from a server, which was recently upgraded to Release, it prompts to upgrade itself. If the browser is Firefox, the Web Client does not reload the Interactive Reporting document after the upgrade. In this case, reopen the document.


When running an Interactive Reporting job, the backslash (\) between the domain name and the user name is removed.


A critical error occurs when inserting current date that is too long as header/footer.

Web Analysis

Report Number




When drilling down on a report, users are prompted to save even though they do not have the right to save.


Web Analysis Studio client does not work on Weblogic application server and IIS web server with SiteMinder SSO enabled.


Some Turkish specific characters in Web Analysis reports do not print from EPM Workspace.


Alias Controller fails to be displayed in Web Analysis report in Workspace when Use Users ID and Password option is set active for given Essbase database connection file.  


Charts and images are not exported with Web Analysis report to HTML format.


Using Vista, column names cannot be read when selecting Restrict Data, and then Select Column.

The header of the interior table gets stretched so that scrolling becomes unavailable and you cannot see the column header names.

Smart View

Report Number



QueryReady export from EPM Workspaces fails if a Web Analysis report contains localized dimensions.

Dashboard Development Services

Report Number



Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) results do not appear in local filters.

EPM Workspace

Report Number



Interactive Reporting Studio Japanese online help Index does not show Japanese (Hiragana) characters.


When using BI+ IR V9.2.0.x iHTML Excel export functionality, the files get exported with EXCEL ''Web Archive'' format.

The following text was added to the Interactive Reporting section of the EPM Workspace documentation:

If you need to export a section to Microsoft Excel in Web Archive format, you much use EXCEL 2002(Office XP) or EXCEL 2003.


The End Time field is not updated when using Usage Tracking.


Day of week shifting of schedules in global environment.

The following text was added to Help in order to clarify the behavior:

Note: When scheduling the Day of the Week option, it is calculated based on the server time.


The variable date limit timestamp is one hour ahead when the timezone is set to Auckland.


An error occurs on Firefox when setting a filter on a dashboard on ihtml.


There are issues with Financial Reporting on the Network Address Translation (NAT) server.


Executebqydocument.java is in the developer pdf documentation even though it is not supported.


Siteminder: images in Create New workspace Pages dialog do not display.


Jobs scheduled to run 10th of the month incorrectly show next run date scheduled on the 12th.


The option, Select all Displayed Messages, is missing in the job manager.


Content publisher documentation needs correct information on Financial Reporting.

Documentation should state that the Content Publisher provisioning has the ability to delete datasource/database connections in Financial Reporting through EPM Workspace.


Credentials do not update for a database connection in the JobService of the Remote Service Configurator.


Replicated Service Broker configuration does not work.


After Service Fix 2 is applied, exceptions occur once a minute in the service broker log.


The User Interface for the Show Parameters selection displays incorrectly.


The application should display only generic message to users.


Regression: The Custom value of Yesterday adds the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) offset to the timestamp


When adding additional permissions to the Apply Permissions to Children option, the previous permissions are removed.


You cannot compile *.jsp files when starting Workspace/Tomcat as a Windows service.


A Javascript error on page occurs when successful job generates no output.


You are unable to run a Production Reporting job with an Input command from bookmark in personal pages.


When going to the consolidated job status listing filters, the next run date filter does not run properly.


You cannot close a tab in EPM Workspace when performaing a specific operation.


The logon page of the Hyperion Web applications does not prevent auto-completion of username and password. Therefore, browsers can remember username and password and auto-populate the logon form.


Documentation was added for "Jobs Only Intelligence Service" functionality.


In the Workspace User’s Guide, the following note has been added after Output Directory Options section:

Note: A user can list all output formats using a delimiter (;) in the Other Formats text field for Schedule Output Properties. This note will follow Table 134.


You can only filter job notifications on activities that occurred today.

When using a filter (After, Before, Between) in Job Notifications, the following error occurs: "A general error was encountered contacting the server. Detailed Message 1001120. Recommended Action - contact your corporate technical support.


Smartcut takes too long when more than 250 objects are in the folder.


Report Number



Migrator.sh does not get created under the hpux installation.


On Demand Server (ODS) folders structure migrates incorrectly if a child was created prior to parent.


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Defects Fixed in Release

Financial Reporting

Report Number



The Oracle® Enterprise Performance Management Workspace 11.1.1 User’s Guide shows export of books to Microsoft Excel is supported, but it is not.

The guide incorrectly states that export of books to Excel is supported.


Export to office: Resized exported Financial Reporting report image to PowerPoint gives xml and red cross when saved.

After exporting Financial Reporting report to Microsoft PowerPoint, then resizing and saving the report image in Microsoft PowerPoint, the report image cannot be viewed the next time the Microsoft PowerPoint slide is opened.


The Arborpath variable is not set correctly for Financial Reporting during the installation and configuration process.


The Financial Reporting Studio freezes after inserting a combo chart and selecting the Show Point Values option.


The e-mail notification from a Financial Reporting Batch Burst fails if the e-mail message text contains a carriage return.


When you export a Financial Reporting Report to Microsoft Excel, the report header prompt values are displayed all the way on the right in the Microsoft Excel worksheet.


In EPM Workspace, when you select File, then Print, and then PDF, it displays a PDF of the HTML view of the Financial Reporting report, including the frames.


You are unable to create a Financial Reporting report with related content using Financial Reporting Studio version If you select Add Related Content, and then select the Setup button an empty related content dialog is displayed.


The string "XBRL Footnote, Associate with" is not translated correctly in Turkish, German, Spanish Swedish and Danish.


On the Format Cells window, the tab “Inherit Formatting“ is missing.


When using Oracle Application Server, the user receives an error message when attempting to change a member through Member Selection in a Financial Reporting Report.


In EPM Workspace, when selecting User Preferences, then Financial Reporting, then Setup User POV, and then Setup Members, large buttons with text appears, instead of small icon.


Performing a search in the Prompt dialog box returns a member not defined in choices list.


In a Financial Reporting report, when you make a change to a member in a prompt, the Russian characters do not display correctly.


When exporting a Financial Reporting report to an XBRL instance document, it fails on a non-English operating system.


Essbase text and date measures, as well as non-measures text, do not render correctly in a Financial Reporting report.


You cannot access Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition servers using the Financial Management ADM driver in 64 bit environment.

To access Financial Management data sources from Financial Reporting components installed on 64-bit Windows environments, the Server/Cluster Registration entries must be manually populated in the Windows Registry.

To do this on 64-bit Windows machines where Financial Reporting components are installed, after registering the Financial Management server using the Financial Management client/config utility, run regedit and export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Financial Management\Client\Clusters key.

Edit the .reg file and replace HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\, then double-click the .reg file to import it into the Windows Registry.


EPM Workspace

Report Number




The pass-through credentials are erased when restarting services.


A published SQR job results in an empty output collection with errors.


A replicated service broker configuration does not work.

When you create a second environment, as a means of providing some load balancing and to continue operating when the "primary" environment fails, you cannot create new content in the repository with only the second environment running.


If a Financial Reporting row and column template contains more then 26 columns, the column names in the formulas are transposed.


You are unable to copy and paste after logging out.

A native user with Analyst and Content Publisher roles receives "Could not copy: <filename>.bqy" after importing and copying to folder, then logging out and attempting to copy same BQY after logging back in.



Voice commands associated with clickable icons is needed.

There is no way of knowing how to voice the clickable icons at the top of the page. Visual text beneath them is needed to aid the Dragon user on how to voice them.



Scheduled job cannot be executed on the End Date specified in Recurring Time.



The error "Folder does not exist" occurs when using the Smartcut URL for Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) Japanese folder names and pressing Cancel.



Pass-through credentials are erased when restarting services.



You cannot set locale to simplified Chinese from the Job Cycle page.



The System9 user interface is not fully localized in Korean.



In EPM Workspace, when using the Japanese User Interface (UI), the default country setting is wrong when importing an Interactive Reporting file as a job.



The default locale setting is set to US even though it was installed as a different locale.



Port 7540525  Remote Service Configurator deletion of distributed job factories.



You cannot run query in iHTML client or as a job using metadata OCE.



Do not use SUBSTR() function in auditing SQL. Interactive Reporting does the truncation to 4000 characters itself. The Oracle database throws back an error when the string passed to SUBSTR()is too long, which may break Usage Tracking functionality.



Embedded Sections Objects

Report Number



Speed menu control methods are missing from CubeQuery and OLAP Query active embedded sections.

The following methods are absent from the Object Model for the CubeQuery and OLAP Query section: EnableMenuItem() and IsMenuEnabled().

Workaround: Select these actions from the Context menu.



Report Number



In the Web Client, the ZException might occur on attempt to process large query.

Workaround: In order to get large query processed successfully, increase the value of the DAS property "mdd Partial Result Cell Count", then restart DAS.


Interactive Reporting

Report Number



Interactive BQY document consistently crashes Interactive Reporting Service on Linux only.


Once an Interactive Reporting jobs has its parameters set, the same parameters are used when setting or modifying new parameter values


When trying to modify limit, the following error displays: Error parsing 'y'. This entry will be ignored.


A critical error occurs when accessing a table catalog in an Interactive Reporting document created in EPM Workspace.


From EPM Workspace html, you cannot export data using the ExportToStream() function when using Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) Japanese characters as the file name.


The wrong Japanese word comes up using Interactive Reporting Studio Japanese User Interface.


A problem occurs when using Interactive Reporting Studio.

The Japanese translations of some system keywords have changed


The Japanese translation of default query and pivot section names have changed.


In EPM Workspace, when opening an Interactive Reporting file with HTML format, the chart section, ''Set Legend On'' shortcut menu is not translated into Japanese.


You cannot send e-mail notification correctly if ''Additional Message'' contains a specific combination of Japanese characters.


Invalid SQL generation occurs with Oracle outer join syntax.


Web Analysis

Report Number



You are unable to edit calculations in EPM Workspace when using German language in Internet Explorer (IE).


Defects Fixed in Release

Financial Reporting

Report Number



Annotation Manager: Performing a search on annotations does not accept leading wildcards.

In Annotations Manager, when performing a search, the asterisk and question mark (*, ?) characters are not supported at the beginning of a search pattern.


Application and database icons do not appear correctly in the database connection properties.

The images within the icons are not centered. This does not affect the functionality in any way.


For Member selection user-defined lists, current Point of View (POV) and prompt functions should not be available for selection.

These two functions are not supported when creating user-defined lists in Member Selection.


During the import process of a report, if you change the data source for the report, the grid-data source annotations are not retained. The context of the grid-data source annotations becomes invalid once the data source is changed.


If "Suppress Repeats" for column headings is selected, the annotations paper clip icons do not display.


If a report contains cell text that is longer then 4KB, then in the adm.properties file entry in C:\hyperion\common\adm9.5.0.0\lib, the value for the MAX_PROPERTY_VALUE_LENGTH=4 should be increased to MAX_PROPERTY_VALUE_LENGTH=6 (for 6KB) if you want ADM to return strings longer then 4K.


Single quote characters cause errors when used in custom categories.

When specifying custom categories in the annotation.properties file, do not use single quote characters.


When upgrading from prior releases, the Financial Reporting scheduler.xml file may not be copied during the upgrade process. If this occurs, you must copy the scheduler.xml file from its old location in <BIPlus>\lib to <Hyperion_home>\products\biplus\lib, then, restart the Financial Reporting Scheduler server.


In annotations, a javascript error occurs when trying to view annotation attachment from the bubble through Planning.

When viewing an annotation with an attachment in a Financial Reporting report run from within Oracle® Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition Web as a Task List, an error occurs on the page.

Workaround: View the annotation and attachment from within the Annotation Pane in the report.


In Annotation Manager, wildcard annotation search fails when including capital letters.

When performing wildcard searches that include capital letters, no results are retrieved. Using lower case letters in wildcard searches retrieves the correct results.


The Description line for Replies is missing for Annotations printed in Portable Document Format. This occurs when the Description detail is check marked in the Annotation Printing Preferences. To resolve this issue:

1.    Select File, then Preferences, then Financial Reporting, and then Annotation Print Details.

2.    Deselect Description in the Use Footnote details.

3.    Click OK.

4.    Click Annotation Print Details again.

5.    Select Description in the Use Footnote details.

6.    Click OK.


When searching from the annotations view pane for a snapshot report, the snapshot report is not retrieved in the search results.


In annotations, move the view annotations default User Preference to fr_repserver.properties.

1.   To enable viewing of Annotations by default, add this line to <Hyperion_Home>\products\biplus\lib\fr_repserver.properties: com.hyperion.reporting.HRPrefs.annotations_in_report=true

2.   Restart the Financial Reporting processes.

Dashboard Development Services

Dashboard Builder

Report Number




Calendar is not handling new data type.

Interactive Reporting has introduced a new data type for dates; this is bqDataTypeTimestap. As a result, Dashboard Studio documents that have not been updated using the update kit may experience problems with dates. This affects calendar controls and quick-filters that display lists of dates.


User Provisioning

Report Number



When you reboot the machine with EPM Workspace installed, upon logging into EPM Workspace, the menus for other products do not appear.

If a user attempts to log on while EPM Workspace Web application has started but the EPM Workspace Agent services have not started, the user receives an error message, "Could not find a Hyperion Reporting and Analysis server running on HOSTNAME at port VALUE. Please verify your server connect string and confirm that the server is up."

This message should also specify that the EPM Workspace Agent services should be started before the EPM Workspace Web application. If this message is received, start the EPM Workspace Agent services and restart the EPM Workspace Web application. If the EPM Workspace Web application is not restarted, some menu items may not appear.


Http 400 error when launching Marketing Product from EPM Workspace.

If Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is integrated into EPM Workspace, selecting the menu items for launching Marketing and Disconnected Analytics generates an error message. To resolve this problem, request a service fix from your Oracle support representative.


Workspace Agent Services

Report Number



Connecting/processing Sybase ASIQ connections hangs the Interactive Reporting Web Client.


The ability to view the SQR Production Reporting job output in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) without displaying the table of contents page is requested.


In EPM Workspace, Bat files do not support "short" name for Hyperion_Home.

Avoid using a folder name with spaces in it.

Workaround: In StartUi.bat replace AGENT_HOME=%cd% with %HYPERION_HOME%\common\workspacert\\bin.


You cannot view a job schedule from the e-mail notification link.


After installation, the HYPERION_HOME/products/Foundation/workspace/
installableApps/portlets/HyperionW ebPart2007.zip
file is corrupted.

Use: HYPERION_HOME/products/Foundation/workspace/installableApps/portlets/unconfigured/HyperionWebPart2007.zip instead.

1.    Using a text editor, open the Web.config file in the HyperionWebPartProxyPage folder and make these changes:

2.     Replace all occurrences of $GET(appServerProps.workspaceHost) with the full host name of the EPM Workspace server.

3.    Replace all occurrences of $GET(httpServerProps.httpServerPort) with the port number of the EPM System Web Server (for example. 19000 for Apache Web Server).



Web Analysis User Preferences objects Life Cycle Management (LCM) import fails if Preferences object contains links to more than one database connection with assigned database Preferences (such as Point of Views (POVs), Personal Variables (PVs) and/or saved username/password). Such preferences should be manually updated by their owners after Life Cycle Management import.


Product preferences such as Favorites, Personal Pages and/or Subscriptions definitions are not imported for users who are not provisioned with any Shared Services role.


WebAnalysis service should be stopped when importing Web Analysis objects.

WebAnalysis services should be stopped during the life Cycle Management Import of WebAnalysis content.


You are unable to import a Web Analysis report which was modified and then copied in EPM Workspace.

Web Analysis reports, which were first updated in EPM Workspace and then copied with the Copy/Paste Workspace function, cannot be imported through Life Cycle Management (LCM).

Workaround: Web Analysis Documents with issues should be updated in EPM Workspace one more time prior to Life Cycle Management export to File System.


Using Lifecycle Management to migrate System Application and Products (SAP) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Web Analysis database connections are not supported in the current release.

Workaround: To migrate these Web Analysis database connections between environments, you must manually export and import the corresponding Web Analysis documents.


SQR executable runs in background after a job is cancelled.

-DkillSqrTime: New system property that can help to specify how many minutes to wait for SQR to respond to the term signal before terminating it. The default value is 1, which is 1 minute after the terminate signal. If SQR.exe still runs, it will be terminated.


SQL query strings cannot be logged in usage query using Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) Japanese characters.

If SQL query strings, which has more than 4000 bytes, are expected to be logged in V8_USAGE_ATTRIBUTES.VALUE but instead there is null, try to start services with -Dut_2byte_char=false.


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Documentation Updates

Accessing Hyperion Product Documentation

The most recent version of each Hyperion product guide is available for download from the Documentation area of the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site (http://www.oracle.com/technology/index.html). Deployment-related documentation is also available from the Oracle E-Delivery Web site (http://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/WelcomePage/get_form). Individual product guides are available for download on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site only.

Note: Not all of the documentation for this product has been updated from Release Similarly, the product UI may not have been updated from Release

Accessibility in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management EPM Workspace, Fusion Edition

Screen Reader and Magnifier Standards

For EPM Workspace, the following text describes settings that must be made for JAWS 9 (Job Access With Speech) as a screen reader and MAGic 10.5 for screen magnifier. For additional information, refer to the documentation included with these products.

Note: Oracle does not suggest using JAWS and MAGic simultaneously or using MAGic as a screen reader.

Preferences for JAWS should be set to allow JAWS to read the page properly and react to user interface updates. See section that follows for details.

Setting Preferences for JAWS

·         Forms mode auto off should be disabled. See JAWS documentation for additional details.

·         Virtual PC Cursor should be disabled when using EPM Workspace applications and enabled when reading regular documents. For example, an IFrame with a text file in EPM Workspace. See JAWS documentation for additional details.

·         To set preferences for JAWS: In JAWS Verbosity Options, the Control Group Name preference should be disabled. This prevents redundant reading of controls due to user interface layout. See JAWS documentation for additional details.

Using Search in Non-dynamic Help

If you are using Internet Explorer and script debugging is enabled, when you execute a search in online help you may get an “invalid character” error message. If this occurs, select No to display search results correctly.

Include Consolidation Info option for CubeQuery Query Options

A new “Include Consolidation Info” option has been added to the CubeQuery Query Options to enhance performance when downloading to results. Enabling this option includes consolidation type/unary operator information of all members from the Data Layout when Download To Results is executed. Disabling the option excludes the consolidation type/unary operator information for each member. By default this option is disabled for newly inserted CubeQuery sections.

Additionally an IncludeConsolidationInfo property has been added to the QueryOptions object in the Object Model as the programmatic equivalent to the Include Consolidation Infor option. This property takes a Boolean argument (true or false).

Launching Smart View from CubeQuery

In the EPM Workspace User’s Guide online help, the “Launching Smart View from CubeQuery" help topic incorrectly states that you can you export CubeQuery content as formatted HTML to Smart View.  CubeQuery content can only be exported as query-ready HTML.

Unavailability of Help Topics for Trend Line and Reference Line Property Dialog boxes

Documentation is unavailable for the Trend Line and Reference Line properties dialogs in EPM Workspace. As a workaround, see the Reference Line Properties and Trend Line Properties topics in the Interactive Reporting User’s Guide.

Export and ExportToStream (Methods)

The documentation for the Export and ExporttoStream (Methods) has been changed to include the following note: “The use of the Export (Method) or ExportToStream (Method) does not display a prompt dialog in EPM Workspace or Jobs/Scheduler.”

Gauges and Live Chart

The Gauge “Value” data layout pane has been renamed to “Fact.” As a result, the Interactive Reporting documentation has been modified to reflect the renamed field name.

The Gauge Property “Subtype” field has been renamed to “Style.” As a result, the Interactive Reporting documentation has been modified to reflect the renamed field name.

Intelligence: Dashboard

Object Model Menu Item Changes do not occur until Go To/From another section

When context menu changes made through the Object Model have been associated with embedded section objects of the same dashboard, the entire dashboard should be refreshed for changes to take effect. To refresh an entire dashboard, switch to another section, and then switch back to the same section.

This was designed so that menu changes could be executed from the Startup script or from the user interface and saved with the document. It is not expected to be a frequent operation.

Ghostscript Custom Parameters

The Financial Reporting Print Server uses Ghostscript to convert a report's output from Postscript (PS) file to Portable Document Format (PDF) or to an image format (JPG). Ghostscript provides numerous options (parameters) for the conversion process. Financial Reporting previously passed these parameters directly to Ghostscript; which prevented the users from modifying or specifying custom parameters. However, the ability to provide custom Ghostscript parameters is now available.

Implementation Overview

When it is necessary to convert a postscript output into Portable Document Format or JPG using Ghostscript, the Financial Reporting Print Server queries the Windows registry. If a specific entry is found, it uses the user provided Ghostscript parameters from the registry rather than the default parameters to generate the PDF (Portable Document Format) or JPG. A user only needs to modify the registry entry to obtain the desired output. This can include higher output resolution, the use of custom conversion devices, and changing the default paper size.

Existing Financial Reporting installations are not affected by this change. Users should be familiar with Ghostscript in general and particularly with parameters that are used by Ghostscript. This is an advanced feature that can cause Portable Document Format or JPG output to fail or become corrupted if not implemented correctly.

Ghostscript Documentation

To understand how to use the custom Ghostscript parameters feature in Financial Reporting, it is important to become familiar with the various documented parameters and how they affect the output. The following links provide the most relevant documentation:

·         How to use Ghostscript: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/cvs/Use.htm
This link provides a comprehensive description of the general Ghostscript parameters.

·         PostScript-to-PDF converter: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/cvs/Ps2pdf.htm
This link provides the parameters unique for PostScript to PDF conversion.

·         Ghostscript output devices (JPEG): http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/cvs/Devices.htm
This link provides the parameters unique for PostScript to JPG conversion. This link contains details about other image output formats.

·         Ghostscript Overview (main page): http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/cvs/Readme.htm

Default Behavior

The new custom Ghostscript parameter feature is not enabled by default. The install and configuration tool does not add the registry entries to enable this feature. It requires administrators to manually add the appropriate registry entries (described below) in order to enable the feature.

This section documents the current default Ghostscript parameters that are currently used to generate PDF and JPG from a report's postscript.

Postscript to PDF Conversion

The routine that uses Ghostscript to convert postscript output into PDF uses the following 12 parameters:

1.    ps2pdf (name of GS instance, always ignored)

2.    -dNOPAUSE

3.    -dBATCH

4.    -dSAFER

5.    -sDEVICE=pdfwrite

6.    -dAutoFilterColorImages=false

7.    -dColorImageFilter=/FlateEncode

8.    -sOutputFile=[postscript file path]

9.    -c

10. .setpdfwrite

11. -f

12. [PDF output file path]


·         "[postscript file path]" is the path of the postscript file and

·         "[PDF output file path]" is the path of the PDF output file

See the Ghostscript Usage documentation for details on the above parameters.

Postscript to JPEG Conversion

The routine that uses Ghostscript to convert postscript output into JPEG uses the following 7 parameters:

1.    ps2jpg (name of Ghostscript instance, always ignored)

2.    -dNOPAUSE

3.    -r200 (default resolution of 200 pixels per inch)

4.    -dJPEGQ=75 (jpeg quality level)

5.    -sDEVICE=jpeg

6.    -sOutputFile=[postscript file path]

7.    [PDF output file path]


·         "[postscript file path]" is the path of the postscript file and

·         "[PDF output file path]" is the path of the PDF output file

When the report is set to landscape orientation, the following parameters are also included:

1.    -c

2.    <</Orientation 3>> setpagedevice

3.    -f

See the Ghostscript Usage and JPEG File Format documentation for details on the above parameters.

Specifying Custom Parameters

In order to override the default Ghostscript parameters the administrator must add registry keys with values that represent the custom parameters. The administrator must add the appropriate registry keys and make sure that the parameters produce the desired results.

The following sub-sections describe the process to add the custom parameters.

Custom Parameters for Postscript to PDF Conversion

In order to enable the use of custom parameters for the postscript to PDF conversion routine, the following steps should be taken:

1.    Run the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

2.    Navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Reports\HyS9FRPrint.

3.    Add a new Multi-String Value (REG_MULTI_SZ) named GSPDFOptions.

4.    Double click the new value, or select Edit, and then Modify from the menu to display the Edit Multi-String dialog.

5.    Add one parameter per line. Do not enter multiple parameters on the same line.

6.    Click OK.

Note: It is not necessary to restart the Financial Reporting Print Server in order for the custom parameters to be read. The Financial Reporting Print Server reads the most recent information from the registry every time the postscript conversion routine is run.

Custom Parameters for Postscript to JPEG Conversion

In order to enable the use of custom parameters for the postscript to JPEG conversion routine, the following steps should be taken:

1.    Run the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

2.    Navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Reports\ HyS9FRPrint.

3.    Add a new Multi-String Value (for example, REG_MULTI_SZ) named GSImageOptions.

4.    Double click the new value, or select Edit, and then Modify from the menu to display the Edit Multi-String dialog.

5.    Add one parameter per line. Do not add multiple parameters on the same line.

6.    Click OK.

Note: It is not necessary to restart the Financial Reporting Print Server in order for the custom parameters to be read. Financial Reporting Print Server reads the most recent information from the registry every time the postscript conversion routine is run.

Mandatory Parameters

Certain parameters are required by the Ghostscript conversion routine. If, after querying the registry they are not found, Financial Reporting will always add them. However, it is advised that the following parameters be indicated when using custom Ghostscript parameters:

·         -dNOPAUSE: This parameter disables the prompt and pause of Ghostscript. Since the Financial Reporting print server is a service there should never be any user interaction.

·         -dBATCH: This parameter is used for the PostScript (PS) to Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion only. It compliments the "-dNOPAUSE" parameter.

·         -sDEVICE=: A device must be specified. If this parameter is not found, it defaults to pdfwrite for the PostScript (PS) to Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion and jpeg for the PostScript (PS) to JPEG conversion.

·         -c <</Orientation 3>> setpagedevice -f: These parameters are used for the PostScript to JPEG conversion when a report is set to print in landscape orientation. It is not recommended that these parameters be added to the GSImageOptions registry entry.

General Guidelines

Consider following guidelines when using the custom Ghostscript parameter feature:

·         You should never use the -sOutputFile parameter. This parameter is always added by the Financial Reporting conversion routines. The output file cannot be hard-coded because it is dynamically generated by the Financial Reporting Print Server.

·         Performance vs. Quality: It is important to weigh the benefits of higher quality versus the performance for producing the converted output. There are several Ghostscript parameters that can affect the output quality, however the -r### (resolution) parameter is most commonly used. In general, the higher the resolution, the more time it takes for Ghostscript to produce the output and the bigger the output file becomes. For example, using -r200 on a 180KB PostScript file produces a 204KB jpeg file; using -r400 (same PostScript file) produces a 563KB jpeg file.

·         If the -c parameter is used, it must be closed with the -f parameter. Failing to do this may result in the postscript file name to be interpreted incorrectly.

·         The -c parameter and the subsequent PS commands should be entered at the end of all other parameters (except for -f).

·         It is not necessary to add both JPEG and Portable Document Format (PDF) custom parameters. Users can indicate one or other, both, or none.

Turning Off Custom Parameters

To turn off the custom Ghostscript parameters, rename the registry entries (GSPDFOptions or GSImageOptions). For example, renaming GSPDFOptions to _GSPDFOptions forces the PostScript (PS) to Portable Document Format (PDF) routine to use the default parameters.

Alternately, the registry names can be kept intact, but their values can be empty. Even though the Ghostscript conversion routine finds the registry entry, it still uses the default parameters if the entry is empty.


The following section provides valid examples of using the custom GS parameters from the registry.

Mimicking the Default Parameters

To mimic the default Ghostscript parameters by using the registry, the following parameters would be entered:

Default entries for GSPDFOptions would be:


Default entries for GSImageOptions would be:

Turning off DSC Comments

DSC Comments sometimes cause an error in the rotation of landscape pages. To turn off DSC Comments use the following parameters in the Registry.

GSPDFOptions registry value to turn off DSC Comments:

Changing the Resolution for Image Output

The default image resolution for the "export to Word / PowerPoint" feature is set to 200 pixels per inch. The resolution can be changed using the registry parameters.

Warning: changing the resolution to a large value produces a larger image file and degrades performance of the conversion process.

GSImageOptions registry value to increase the resolution to 400 pixels per inch:



Third Party License Appendix

Cyrus SASL

Copyright © 1994-2003 Carnegie Mellon University. All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
  2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
  3. The name "Carnegie Mellon University" must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior written permission. For permission or any legal details, please contact:

Office of Technology Transfer
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
(412) 268-4387, fax: (412) 268-7395

4. Redistributions of any form whatsoever must retain the following acknowledgment:

"This product includes software developed by Computing Services at Carnegie Mellon University (http://www.cmu.edu/computing/)."



This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

WSRP Web Part Toolkit for SharePoint Products and Technologies

WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) authors provide no warranty whatsoever for WSRP Web Part Toolkit performance. WSRP authors maintain no liability for WSRP Web Part Toolkit.

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