sliceLabel slice label

Use the sliceLabel tag to specify the characteristics of the labels that describes slices of a pie or ring graph. Each slice represents a data value.

Relationship with other tags

The sliceLabel tag must be a child of either the graph, funnelGraph, or pieGraph component.

The sliceLabel tag can have the following child tags:

Note that the use of sliceLabel's <dvt:numberFormat> tag has been deprecated. Users are recommended to use its <af:convertNumber> child tag instead:


The following example shows the XML for a sliceLabel tag.

      <dvt:sliceLabel textType="LD_PERCENT"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
textType java.lang.String yes Specifies the type of contents to appear in a slice label. Valid values are:
  • LD_TEXT - Slice labels contain text only.
  • LD_VALUE - Slice labels contain a value.
  • LD_PERCENT - (Default) Slice labels contain the percent that the slice represents in the graph.
  • LD_TEXT_PERCENT - Slice labels contain both text and percent.
rendered boolean yes Use to indicate whether the slice label is rendered. Valid values are "true" (Default) or "false".
scaling java.lang.String yes Scaling factor for numbers that are displayed. Valid values are:
  • auto - (Default) The number will be scaled automatically.
  • none - The number will not be scaled.
  • thousand - The number will be scaled to thousands.
  • million - The number will be scaled to millions.
  • billion - The number will be scaled to billions.
  • trillion - The number will be scaled to trillions.
  • quadrillion - The number will be scaled to quadrillions.
autoPrecision java.lang.String yes Whether to turn on the automatic precision for decimal digits. Valid values are:
  • on - (Default) The number of decimal digits are determined automatically.
  • off - The number of digits is based on the user specification from af:convertNumber