switcher switcher

The switcher component dynamically decides which facet component should be rendered. It has two properties. The switcher will render the facet matching "facetName"; however, if no such facet exists (or "facetName" is null), and "defaultFacet" has been set, then that facet will be used instead. (It's possible to achieve this same functionality by using a panelGroup and binding the "rendered" property of each child, but this component can be simpler. Ordinary children of the switcher component are not rendered at all.)

The switcher is a purely logical server-side component. It does not generate any content itself and has no client-side representation (no client component). Hence switching which facet of the switcher renders requires a server round-trip.


Type Phases Description
org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.event.AttributeChangeEvent Apply Request Values Event delivered to describe an attribute change.


Name Type Supports EL? Description
attributeChangeListener javax.faces.el.MethodBinding Only EL
binding UIXSwitcher Only EL a binding reference to store the component instance
defaultFacet String Yes
facetName String Yes the name of the facet to render and process.
id String No the identifier for the component.
rendered boolean Yes whether the bean is rendered. When set to false, no output will be delivered for this bean.