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The transaction parameters bean controls how transactions are handled.

Security rolesThe following roles have read, write, and invoke permission for all non-encrypted attributes and operations in this MBean:
  • Deployer
Fully Qualified Interface NameIf you use the getMBeanInfo operation in MBeanTypeServiceMBean, supply the following value as this MBean's fully qualified interface name:
Factory Methods No factory methods. Instances of this MBean are created automatically.


This section describes the following attributes:


    The timeout value (in seconds) for all transactions on connections created with this connection factory.

    If a transacted session is still active after the timeout has elapsed, the transaction is rolled back. A value of 0 indicates that the default value will be used. If you have long-running transactions, you might want to adjust the value of this attribute to allow transactions to complete.

    Privileges Read/Write
    Default Value3600
    Minimum value0
    Maximum value2147483647


    Indicates whether a XA queue or XA topic connection factory is returned, instead of a queue or topic connection factory. An XA connection factory can be used to create an XAConnection, which in turn may be used to create an XASession, which in turn may be used to obtain an XAResource for use inside a transaction manager.

    In addition, this attribute indicates whether or not a connection factory creates sessions that are JTA aware. If true, the associated message producers and message consumers look into the running thread for a transaction context. Otherwise, the current JTA transaction will be ignored.

    Note: Transacted sessions ignore the current threads transaction context in favor of their own internal transaction, regardless of the setting. This setting only affects non-transacted sessions.

    Privileges Read/Write


    This section describes the following operations:


      Return true if the given property has been explicitly set in this bean.

      Operation Name"isSet"
      ParametersObject [] {  propertyName }


      • propertyName is an object of type java.lang.String that specifies:

        property to check

      SignatureString [] { "java.lang.String" }
      Returns boolean
      • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        IllegalArgumentException if propertyName is not a recognized property


      Restore the given property to its default value.

      Operation Name"unSet"
      ParametersObject [] {  propertyName }


      • propertyName is an object of type java.lang.String that specifies:

        property to restore

      SignatureString [] { "java.lang.String" }
      Returns void
      • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        UnsupportedOperationException if called on a runtime implementation.